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By jeffdavis
BrianH1970 wrote:
jeffdavis wrote:Can someone share the Skeleton Crew showtimes, please? Thanks in advance!

8:00, 9:00, 10:00.

By jjjones325
Doing my first day park and Scarowinds combo on Saturday. At 5 PM, assuming you have to leave the park but can hang out in the parking lot before Scarowinds starts at 7.
By jeffdavis
You will of course have to leave the park like a typical closing at 5:00. You can enter the park before 7:00 (maybe 6:30) but you just can't leave the plaza stage area until 7. The opening show, Overlord's Awakening, starts at 6:55. Expect a Saturday night in October to be ultra-crowded unless affected by weather.
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By Chris
Justin wrote:And she spits out the liquor and wipes her mouth like it's yucky or something--looks amateurish

Isn't that standard procedure for safety reasons? You don't want any remnants of flammable liquid on your face when messing with fire, no?
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By yawetag
FezzyGamer wrote:Well the chainsaws are gone.

I noticed that last weekend. Any reason why?

Also, I've walked through Fleet Street no less than a dozen times, calling out "Fezzy" with absolutely no response. Here's my daughter with one of your friends. After looking at the photo later, the two could be mistaken for sisters - same smile, same eyebrows. Uncanny, and yet worth the 6 fingers we had to pay.

By FezzyGamer
Apparently someone was hurt at another park in the chain by an actor with a chainsaw. Also, in an attempt to prove myself here’s a picture of my makeup :lol:
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By pproteinc
Well tonight was definitely haunted house night as most of the rides were open except for the coasters minus Cyclone, Nighthawk and Vortex. All the flats were closed except County Fair and gliders. So lines we’re mad long for everything with people making up for yesterday’s rainy day.
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By yawetag
Last night was disappointing. Some of the scare zones seemed less-staffed as well. I assume it's harder to find people able to work so late on Sunday nights.

I did meet Fezzy, though!
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By yawetag
FezzyGamer wrote:It was great to see you and your family!

My daughter wants to know how the makeup process works. Are there people who do it for you? What time do you have to get there to get makeup and dressed?

She wants to come watch the process of getting the makeup on, which I instantly thought would be a cool backstage up-charge that Cedar Fair could offer. But because I came up with the new money-making venture, I think I should get a few free passes.
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