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Just asking out of curiosity since carowinds no longer has any water rides in the dry section of their park anymore with Rip Roaring Rapids being the last retired water ride is their little hope that the main dry park one day could support a new type of dry water ride whether if it’s a new type of flume maybe a 2 seater something similar to shoot the rapids but better since that was a failed experiment at cedar point by Intamin, a Mack power splash as a replacement of their old splashdown ride, a new rapids ride conversion to maybe something similar to Infinity Falls At Sea World Orlando with a drop, or what silver dollar city is getting next year Mystic River Falls they’ll have a 80 ft elevator lift for rafts to go up sounds cool if we could get the same thing. I personally think dry water rides have gone unpopular and that’s why most theme parks are having them removed. I have heard carowinds sadly will never get another dry water ride and whatever will replace Rip Roaring will be something totally different. It just gets so hot in the Carolinas I know guests have the option of going to the water park but their is something about dry water rides I still like even if their themed really well. I wish we could get a copy of timber mountain at Knotts berry farm but themed well.
I could see the park getting a Twist ‘n’ Splash at the most or some type of variant, but I think Cedar Fair is shying away from major capital investments in upwards of $10 million if they’re not coasters or water park expansions.
Well i just find it hard to believe that the park does’nt have a single dry water ride in their main park who knows rip roaring rapids might be gone forever but according to a rumor on screams cape if anyone has heard of that site said that the latest rumor going forward for Carowinds in terms of future attractions that a antique auto race is expected to go in the Dinosaurs Alive! Section of the park. Again no I don’t want 3 dry water rides to come back but at least 2. Because I know their are still people out their that love water rides in the dry park. If the park could get something similar to Mystic River Falls at Silver Dollar City it would be awesome. But just to have no water rides in the dry park is a little shocking especially since it is the southeast. If anyone knows if Rip Roaring is being torn apart as of right now piece by piece and is no more I would like to know. If they don’t get another dry water ride or 2 in the next decade or two since Cedar Fair is slowly trying to walk away from dry water rides I get it but the Carolinas could use just 1 due to the heat. I know it is’nt Texas or Florida but the Carolinas can get up their in terms of hot temperatures.
KeepPounding9213, you bring up questions and issues that are being covered right now or have been covered very recently in other threads. Read around and you'll learn about our opinions and thoughts on dry park water rides, the fate of RRR, and even some talk on Screamscape and where they got their "rumor" of the autos.
Sorry I just don’t understand why carowinds has no dry water rides in their park and if they never do ever again i will be even more surprised. I know the popularity is fading away maybe cedar fair is tired in building dry water rides in their dry parks so eventually they’ll start tearing them down. Who knows if they will replace them with new ones. I’m not sure what the future holds for dry water rides at parks we don’t know at this time if they are creating new types new concepts for flumes or rapids rides.
KeepPounding9213 wrote:Sorry I just don’t understand why carowinds has no dry water rides in their park

Because Carowinds is one of the few parks with an attached waterpark without a separate gate. The entire waterpark is a "wet" feature within the "dry" park.
Kings Dominion
Kings Island
Canada’s Wonderland
Worlds of Fun
Great Escape
Alabama Adventure

Pretty much all major parks except Magic Mountain, Knotts, Cedar Point, SFOT, Disney Parks and Uni.
When Roller is right, he’s actually right.

Look at the parks without free water parks. They’re all super highly attended parks that bill themselves as destination parks in super high population areas (and Orlando).

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