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To put to rest the idea that Carowinds has no more room to expand, I made an edit to show a potential expansion plan the park could undertake.

Here's the park as of 2018:

The parking lot is already currently being expanded, but let's assume they're trying to shift parking to the front gate:

By adding a perimeter road around the edge of the property, and adding some more spaces to the lot by Carolina Harbor, the park could open up over 33 acres.

To put that into perspective:

    -That's more than half the size of Knott's Berry Farm (57 acres)

    -It's almost half the size of the area taken up by the dry park (70-80 acres)

    -You could fit three Intimidator-sized coasters in that space (it takes up 10 acres)

    -Four Furies (about 8.4 acres)

The park doesn't even need to remove any of its current attractions, and we're not even talking about the space opened by RRR and Dinos Alive (though that's rumored to be an Antique Cars replacement).

So yes, Carowinds does have room to buy more land (though they already own it, so it's not like they're purchasing anything).
Glitch99 wrote:What about the space between Hurler and Camp Wilderness? Is that Carowinds' property? I've long thought that the Drop Zone was begging to have a little more happening back in that corner, if space permitted.

Carowinds owns the space between Hurler and Catawba Trace, but the area behind it is owned by Norfolk & Southern IIRC. That line of clearing is deceiving, it was built for a power line.

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