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By Jonathan
I am devastated to write that our friend Doug Robinson, who many of you knew on here as Wormy, passed away this week at age 49. Doug was close to many of the people who post on here and I know a lot of you had the chance to meet him and know what a wonderful person he was.

I was fortunate to get to travel to parks around the country with Doug, and we had been looking forward to going to Holiwood Nights at Holiday World next week before the pandemic derailed those plans. Riding roller coasters will quite frankly never be quite the same for me. One of my favorite memories was being with Doug when he rode the Phoenix at Knoebels for the first time. He was giggling so much the entire ride that I thought he might pass out. That moment has always sort of defined in my head what a roller coaster should strive to do.

This is an especially sad day for Carowinds Connection. Doug has been one of the most important contributors to this community over the past decade plus. He joined CC in 2008 and this site is how most of us eventually met him. He became well known on here through his very regular Intimidator construction updates in 2009 and 2010, and in the summer of 2010 we asked him to join the admin team. If I'm being honest, Doug is the reason this site has continued running for the last five or so years. He has been the one keeping the lights on.

I also know that many of us cannot help but think about Max Cannon, one of the original moderators of this site and a regional rep for ACE's Southeast region who started the ACE Carolina Coaster Classic event, who passed away in 2014. Max was one of Doug's best friends. To have now lost both of them is heartbreaking.

Memorial page: ... binson-12/

I remember the first I met Doug, I was walking through Boomerang Bay with my daughter and I heard “Roller!” from behind me.

He will be missed for sure.
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By Chris
I'm still very much at a loss for words. He was a wonderful and caring friend. His wit, humor, and especially his amazing heart will missed so much.

By Edwardo
I have a really heavy heart right now and couldn't believe the text when I got it.

I just talked to Doug on the phone about a month an a half ago, he texted with a question and we talked on the phone. We talked about travel plans and how things were being affected with COVID. He told me he was still looking after his dad, though I think he may have mentioned his dad was now in a Long Term Care facility.

Doug was one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Even when I ranted to him, and he clapped back, we both knew there was nothing personal and there were never any hard feelings. I know he felt the same way because he said as such to others.

I was fortunate enough to take Doug to Cedar Point, Waldameer, Conneaut, and Kennywood for the first time. And he loved it. We arrived Friday evening, Memorial Day weekend Literally 5 years ago as I right this, and were excited to find out that because I had a Platinum Pass, he could get tickets all weekend for $9.99, which saved a lot of cash, especially since we planned on getting Fast Lane on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, and I was excited to take someone to 2 of my favorite parks, while experiencing 2 new to both of us parks. He loved Conneaut and Waldameer. We had a good laugh at the recorded Spiel on the haunted house at Waldameer. Last time I was there I shot video with the recording in the background and sent it.

I met Doug in person when I went to Carowinds to meet up with Max, who had him and another person in tow. We were meeting up for first night rides on Intimidator after it had opened, and I had just moved here. Max and Doug were 2 of the first friends I had down here.

A few years back, my favorite movie of all time, Wrath of Khan, was playing at a film festival at the GEM Theater in Kannapolis. It was the official 30th anniversary of the movie and the writer/director was going to be there. I knew Doug would be interested, and so I texted him. Its the only time I've seen the movie on the big screen, with Doug. During the movie I looked back and Nick Meyer, the writer/director, was sitting 2 rows directly behind us, watching fan reaction. I pointed that out to Doug. I'll always remember that. I love that movie, and knew he'd appreciate going to see it as well.

I'd text him and he'd show up for fairs or at Carowinds for opening nites for special events like SCarowinds & Winterfest. We've all spent many opening days together with him.

One New Years Eve all of my local friends were either out of town or had separate plans and I was at a bar by myself. Doug, Max, and Max's boyfriend walked in around 11, and I was overjoyed to see them. DIdn't know they were coming. Glad I spent the evening with them.

But my favorite memory also includes his giggle fits. We were on the brake run of Lightning Rod at ACE's Winter event at Dollywood the first year Lightning Rod was open. Doug and Alan were in front of Isaac and I and there was a song playing (we eventually found the song and I sent it along) and it had some weird yodeling like sounds by the singer. Alan was singing along in a super exaggerated, hilarious manner and the three of us could not stop laughing. I thought Doug was going to have a seizure he laughed so hard, and we did too. :lol:

I'll miss meeting him at Carowinds, local fairs, or just to hang out. Doug was a really accepting and kind person and anyone who knew him has definitely lost something special in their lives.
By Edwardo
This is one of my favorite quotes, and I think it's appropriate here, in the original German and English translation:

Nicht weinen, weil sie vorüber!
Lächeln, weil sie gewesen!

English translation:
Do not cry because they are past!
Smile, because they once were!
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By Jay
I just still can not believe it.

I met Doug in 2009 around the same time as everyone else, and it was immediately clear how well he meshed in with our group. His constant updates of Intimdator construction on the forum that year were amazing, as I only went around once a month or less and couldn't provide as many.

Even during the construction of Fury and the front plaza he was the only one who would nerd out as much as me over every ounce of dirt that changed. He wouldn't even hesitate if I suggested we just go wonder all over the parking lot looking for clues, which may not even exist. I was used to just going around and trying to find things myself because frankly no one else cared that much, but Doug was always just as curious as me to see what we could find.

I feel like I could go on and on about what a great guy he was and all the cool stuff he did for people, but there is only so much time in the day to gush about him and how much I'll miss him dearly. To lose Max was heartbreaking, but to lose Doug too now is just devastating. Trips, events, meet ups, and get-togethers won't be the same without him.
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By arby
I am still shocked and in disbelief of the passing of Doug.

I met Doug through CC approximately 7 years ago. When I first met him in person, his quirky sense of humor was quickly apparent. He had a knack for seeing things from a different perspective, most often humorously.

I was blessed to have gone on a few trips with him to some other parks. As I got to know him better, I gained deeper understanding to his true character - his heart. He was a deeply caring person who always found the time to ask about my family. He didn't ask for conversational reasons, he asked because I knew he truly cared.

I have tried to write a post about him a few times unsuccessfully and am still struggling to write this. We lost a good man who was the force that helped keep CC together. I am sorry to everybody who never got to meet and know him. You missed out on some greatness that is very hard to find.

I know you are still reading this on your IFTTT feed, Doug. I am taking some more laps on this roller coaster named life but I will see you back at the station, my friend.
I don’t even know what to say. I’m in tears and I hardly even knew him that well. But I know he was a big part of this community and will not be forgotten.

I think I first met Doug at fury 325 media day along with several of you including Howard. I surely don’t have that many memories with Doug. But what I do remember is always having fun when he was around and there was never a dull moment with him. Even though I hardly knew Doug as well as you guys, I will miss him. He’s what kept this site together for quite a while. And there will certainly be a hole here that won’t be filled. My heart reaches out to all of you.
By Tawny71
I’ve had a few days to let this sink in, and I’m still processing the loss of someone as special as Doug.
The first private message I received from him told me that he was happy to have an adult female perspective on this site to help him “keep the boys under control”. He later was one of the first to call me the the CC Mom- a title that I cherish, even though I don’t frequent the boards much anymore.
I met Doug in person for the first time at the Fury announcement. He (along with Howard, who has also passed away now) were the first two people in the CC fam to welcome me into the fold. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
In the beginning, we just met for events at Carowinds, but eventually I was added to the list of his traveling coaster buddies. We made several trips together, and he always prepared the most amazing playlists prior to the trips to become the soundtrack for our drives.
Doug was super creative and talented. He was co-creator of a Rollercoaster (movie) parody, and had a knack for using photos to tell hilarious stories. He made unforgettable memes that we still refer to years later.
More than his love for coasters, Doug had a love for people that was demonstrated in his kind heart. He was a master of making whoever he was with feel important, and he could always find a way to make me smile, even on the saddest of days. He always told me we should laugh so we don’t start crying.
So, while I’ve shed lots of tears over the loss of my dear friend (and I know that I’ll shed many more), I’m trying to focus on the innumerable smiles that he brought to my face, the multitude of laughs that we shared together, and the many giggle-filled coaster rides that were woven throughout our time as friends.
Oh my gosh not at all what I anticipated to see. I've been away from the internet pretty much all weekend so I'm a few days late, but damn. I didn't know Doug super well, but we always knew who each other was and would always wave or say hi and chat for a few minutes while at the park. We'd had these encounters since Intimidator Media Day and Coaster Stock. There were times on the forum during construction of various rides when rumors that this piece or that element had gone up and Doug said that he'd go get a pic of it in a couple of days when he had a chance and me, being the 16-17 year old with no responsibility at the time would drive 2 hours from Boone just to get a pic update for the forum. He'd then PM me and thank me for 'taking care of the job' and always compliment my sub-par photography skills. I don't know if he ever realized it, but those simple pleasantries helped push me to improve and learn more about photography.

I know that, like many people, my heart would always jump for joy anytime I saw his "Extra's" thread at the top of the topics list. ( You knew that you were in for a treat!

I had the opportunity to see him last just over a year ago at the park waiting in line for Copperhead. It had been at least 3-4 years since I had seen him but nonetheless, we exchanged pleasantries as we always did. Park days were always better knowing wormy was there.
I haven’t logged in on this website in forever but had to after hearing this terrible news. Shocked is an understatement. Spent many days at Carowinds with him over the past decade. He will be greatly missed. :( Hopefully after the shock wears off some I will be able to say more. Devastated for sure.
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By pproteinc
I’m completely lost for words. Wormy was the man in my opinion. I met him 2010 season at Carowinds. I was in line At intimidator talking to a friend about this forum and he overheard me and entered the convo. Very very genuine person and funny. I would go to see him off and through the years at the Carowinds, Sixflags, fairs and Dollywood. 2015 at the Fury announcement is when doing introduces me to the rest of you guys from here. Extended family for sure. Rest well Doug.
By Edwardo
Does anyone plan on attending? I'm on the fence. I have a compromised respiratory system and am very high risk for COVID, so I'm not sure I should go for my own health, but I'm torn.

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