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By BoRgAsSiMiLaToR
I think they assign the seats just for faster loading. Maybe within a year or two when the crowds die down they will change it. Vortex was once a choose your own seat but now they pick for you. I think there was 1 time where we actually got to choose but most of the time theres someone on there telling you where to sit. I have seen the borg at night...well not like totally night but it was gettin dusk and the sphjere was lit with green lights. I want to ride it at night sooooo bad. Has anyone gotten the oppurtunity to ride it at night? maybe this weekend ill make a night trip just to ride borg in the dark. As for changes on the complaionts by me just make it last longer other than that i like it just fine! Its not a scary ride its just a fun exciting and different ride. Hopefully in the future we will see something "scary" as in at least 70mph or something i havent ever gotten to ride anything over 61mph. So maybe someday we will see that or ill make a trip to cedar....
By The Anomaly
I think the purpose behind the assigned seating is for capacity. They try to have every train full without any empty seats. By assigning seats, they can use singles from the singles line to fill any holes that they can see, whereas if guests were allowed to choose for themselves, half the train would be empty. Another thing is that people tend to flock towards the front of the train to the point where the rest of the line can't get into the station to fill the other rows, well at least at Vortex...and I have seen this at Top Gun.
By Trev32
BoRgAsSiMiLaToR wrote: Vortex was once a choose your own seat but now they pick for you.

I've never heard of that, every time I've ridden It I got to pick my own seat..
By hombaca_05
Actually, I think I've had someone tell me where to sit every time I've rode the Vortex!!!
And LocoDriver had the BRILLIANT idea of turing the loading station into the "Mother Borg Cube", which I think would look AWESOME!!!! Plus it would shield the station from the rain, hot sun, etc.
By Cephas
The last time I was there, they had changed Vortex back to pick your own seat.
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By bgwfreak
They use to assign seats on Vortex. And if I'm not mistaken, they still do on busy days.
By The Anomaly
...or when they are fully staffed.
By LocoDriver
I personally have no problem with assigned seating because it speeds things up. As you stated before Kestrel72, it really doesn't matter on a Flyer(so what's your point?).

As far as Carwoinds learning something from CP.....What a joke! I love CP simply because of the coaster collection they have. IMO their customer service is no better than PC's.

I applaude PC for assigning seats on Borg. It does speed things up, and on a hot summer day that counts for A LOT!

Squash your sour grapes and really take a hard long look at what customer service is! PC is not assigning seats just to ruin your day!
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By montumax
Doesn't Cedar Point assign seats on some of their coasters? I know they were when I rode MF. I don't know about Dragster but it sure wouldn't surprise me if they did for that coaster. I even think they were assigning seats on Raptor.

I think Cedar Point is a nice park but I wouldn't go as far as calling it a world class operation. You want to see a world class op, go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

I'm not crazy about assigned seating but you know what, I'll get over it. If the park wants to do it, that's their prerogative. Like somebody said earlier, its probably for capacity. Just give them a year or so.
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By swampfox43
montumax wrote: Doesn't Cedar Point assign seats on some of their coasters? I know they were when I rode MF.

They weren't assigning seats on MF last year. I've only been to CP about 5 times (since 1990) and can't remember ever having been assigned a seat on their coasters. I was assigned a seat for the Power Tower though.
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By montumax
We got assigned back row on MF, which was the one I was hoping for. So, we got lucky in that aspect. Of course, we haven't been back since. Really haven't had the desire too. TTD does nothing for me. That hasn't been a draw to get me back there.
By coasterdude89
To me, Dollywood has really great service for its guest. I like carowinds for it has more rides, but I like Dollyeood for its atmosphere(went there to DW and Splash country Mon-Wednesday of this week)

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