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By tarheel1231
This is a bit late, Also, their are no photos, so thank you in advance to those of you that read this. Alright.

My family drove up from Charlotte to Newport News, where our hotel was. We got KFC the night before, and in the morning, we had below average hotel food. We left the hotel around 8:30 AM (Even though the park wasn't open until 10:00 AM). When we got their, we parked over in the Italy parking lot. Maybe it was Ireland? I don't know. My dad went to go park the car, while my brother, mom, and I got on the tram. I really wish I had taken photos, because Apollo's Chariot is very photogenic. After getting off of the tram, we met up with my dad, and went into the park. My intention was to do Apollo's Chariot first, but that part of the park was closed until 10:30 AM . We headed over to ride Loch Ness Monster.

I kind of had high hopes for this coaster. It was smoother than most Arrows I've been on, but it wasn't the greatest coaster in the park. My favorite part had to be the helix tunnel towards the end. The interlocking loops are photogenic, but they just make decent head-choppers on the ride.

After getting off of Loch Ness Monster, we headed toward the wildlife section of the park. It was okay, but the animal shows are better than just staring into an exhibit.

We made our way to the France section of the park to ride Griffon. I didn't expect much from this ride, but it surpassed my expectations! The first drop is amazing! I felt weightless and the drop felt like it would last forever. The Immelman that follow did not disappoint either. The second drop was still fun, and the Immelman. The splashdown actually got me more wet than I thought it would. Not like soaking wet, but mist machine wet. We re-rode this coaster.

My family didn't feel like going upside down again, so we headed to Darkastle. This is my favorite dark ride, and I've been to WDW. That water at the end when Ludwig exploded was freaking cold!

My brother and dad felt sick, so we waited about 20 minutes to go on the next ride. We headed over to Verbolten. Verbolten was my first launch coaster and my 40th coaster. And it did not disappoint! It's my 2nd favorite coaster at the park. The drop track was my favorite part, and those launches were fast!

After that, we got lunch from 'Pretzels and Beer'. I got some cinnamon pretzel bites and an ICEE. We ate in the shade under Mach Tower, so it was hard to keep the food and napkins from flying away. Lol. I wish I had gotten to ride Mach Tower, but my dad was pretty much done for the day, and my brother hates drop towers. So we skipped it and headed for Apollo's Chariot.

I had high expectations for this ride, and Apollo's Chariot fell below my expectations. I guess it was because I sat in the middle, and I didn't get to re-ride in the back. But I found it slow and rather forceless. I expected more out of an older B&M. I like Goliath at SFOG and Intimidator better. The middle apparently provides little airtime. It was a 'fun' ride, but from the middle, it is not a top 10 coaster. So yeah, AC disappointed me. :(

After Apollo's Chariot, we rode the train from the Festa station to the Caribou Station in New France. We went back to the Wildlife reserve to see 'The Secret Life of Predators' show in the wolf haven. I enjoyed it! The trainers were genuinely friendly and enthusiastic!

After the Predator show, we all took the skyride from France to Germany. We had a difficult time trying to find Alpengeist's entrance. My mom and I rode it. I love this invert! It's not forceful like Afterburn, but I think that's a good thing. This coaster had zero headbanging, but if it had been forceful, I probably would have had a migraine for days! It's a solid ride, I enjoyed it.

My dad and I decided to ride Verbolten one more time before we left. There was a slight delay because some kid peed himself in one of the front seats of the red trains. So we had a 25 minute wait, and that was the longest wait I stood in all day. Still a good ride!

We left after that. I had a terrible headache, but it was all worth it.

If I had to rank the roller coasters, they'd be in this order:
-Apollo's Chariot
-Loch Ness Monster
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By arby
Thanks for writing this up, tarheel1231. My favorite at BGW is Griffon. If you think the launches for Verbolten are powerful, just wait until you get to ride TTD at Cedar Point.
I went to BGW on a school field trip a while back and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I always thought that it was just lightly themed like a Six Flags park but I was wrong! The theming was disney-level, the rides were thrilling, and the food was great. We ate at one of the Italian cafeteria style places and their chicken parm was surprisingly good. And I agree that AC was a little lane in the middle rows, but we were able to ride it again back row and it was great. Just barely edges out Intimidator for my 2nd favorite coaster. Great park, I really want to head down to Tampa some time to see how the two Busch Gardens compare.
^Most of the responses I've been getting on TPR is that the back definitely affects the ride. Hopefully I can head back up to BGW in 5-6 years to re-do Apollo's Chariot. I was actually going to re-ride it with my dad, but we rode Verbolten again instead.

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