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By overlordclinton
I decided to take a trip today since it was the last day for the main entrance. First thing I noticed, the stars and letters were ripped off the front of the building!
After I got inside the park, I saw something I hadn't seen all season. Nighthawk, Hurler, and Cyclone were all running two trains. After walking around for a bit, I went over to Windseeker, only to find it was SBNO for the day.
I walked around for about a hour, before deciding to ride Goldrusher a few times, and then I walked over to Harmony Hall for some very poor quality pizza. After recording some things for a Carowinds YT channel I'm working on, it was time for the park to close. As I type this Scarowinds should be opening in about 30 minutes. Overall I had fun today, and got to say goodbye to the plantation house. While I will miss the plantation house, I'm excited for the new entrance.
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By FamousAmos
I just subscribed to your channel. I hope that you will enjoy creating videos for Youtube as much as I have.

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