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By tarheel1231
Wow! is all I can say. SCarowinds really stepped up their game this season! I was legitimately scared!

We arrived to the park around 6:55. We went through the new toll booth. It's pretty nice. We went to the South Gate. I asked if I could get my pass processed but the park wasn't taking pictures. I could still get my card, but I decided not to. After that we walked to The 7th Ward. This was much better than Asylum. Probably the best maze of the night.

After that we rode Intimidator. This was my 74th lap. Still as great as always, with enough aIrtime to please MOST enthusiasts.

I thought the FUN TV's were a nice touch. It was kind of weird seeing the Fury 325 teaser at the park. I kept getting distracted by it and forgot to notice the big gap in front of me.

After Intimidator, we went to Silver Scream. I saw the one piece of Fury built. The park is going a bit slow on vertical construction, but they have a lot of footers already.

Silver Scream was still the same as last year. It's a good maze, but it hasn't really improved.

After Silver Scream, we went to Chickie's and Pete's for dinner. We got two orders of Crabfries and 20 oz soft drinks. I really wish we had shared, because I could not finish half of my fries. So I got a box and took them home. The fries were really good, and so is the cheese sauce. The taste is strong and leaves a garlic-y after-taste in your mouth.

After sitting for a while, we went to Viral, the surprise of the night. It really improved as a maze. It was better themed, the actors actually scared me, and they didn't rely on just loud noises. My mom made a joke about how Viral should be called "Ebola".

After that, we went to Zombie High, where a funny little incident happened. There was some type of roach (I'm assuming a "Palmetto Bug") that was crawling on someone's arm. I thought it might have just been a shadow or a tattoo, but it started moving. It crawled on his neck and head, and he didn't notice it until it got on his face. He swatted it off. This was probably the scariest thing all night, Lol. :lol:

Zombie High was decent, but it wasn't worth the 30 minute wait. Still, it's pretty well themed.

After Zombie High, we walked through the blood yard, This was themed very well. I guess the park took out Blood Drums this year.

After the Blood Yard, we went to Defex. Defex is probably the 2nd best maze in the park for me, tied with Viral and a spot under the 7th Ward.

After Defex, we decided to ride Afterburn. I usually don't ride this when I come to the park (thank's to my brother's weak stomach), but it was GREAT! The back-seat at night is amazing, and it feels a lot faster than 62 MPH. After last night's ride on Afterburn, I may or may not need to change my top 10. I might need to ride Intimidator and Afterburn again to decide.

After Afterburn, I head the worst headache (not from Afterburn, but I had a headache prior and that last turn thew me into the shoulder harness). We left the park, and this is when my mom pointed out that "Tram Station". I've never seen it before, but if it is new, it will be a nice addition to the park. We went on the trams at BGW, and they were pretty nice.

Other notes:

-I really like the new location of Ripcord. If I had more money, I would have ridden it. It fits perfectly in the midway, and it's pretty cool to watch from the plaza.
-As good as SCarowinds is, I really don't like their target clientele. This must be what the worst Six Flags parks are like at day. It seems like it would be a nightmare to go to Fright Fest.
-Harmony Hall looks really nice! We didn't eat there, but it looks like a great addition to the park. This and Chickie's & Petes will be the places to eat.
-While in line for Intimidator, I heard someone ask about "The River Boat Ride" and I think they meant the steamboat thing that used to be where Nighthawk is.
-Overall, the park looks really nice now. Next year, it will be even better. I can't wait!

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