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By Merthecat
I went on Sunday, October 19th to SCarowinds, and here are my opinions of all the mazes and scare zones:


7th Ward:
Very good. Well-staffed. Nice upgrade from The Asylum. I thought it was interesting that you go in the side and exit through the front, but despite that, it's my new favorite maze.

Last Laff:
Pretty good, but lacking the scare factor. (or at least for me, because I'm not scared of clowns) I sense that this year will be it's last laff. ( :P )

Pretty good, but a bit understaffed compared to last year. Also, the chainsaws need to be upgraded back to what they used to be a few years ago. They're too obviously fake.

Zombie High School:
The theme is pretty cheesy (especially the name) but they managed to make something pretty good out of it. Not sure I like the delay in the line for photos by the school bus, though.

Terrible. Waaaaayyyyyy understaffed (I only saw like 10 total monsters in the whole thing) and that makes it kind of boring.

Silver Scream Sinema:
Pretty good, but too many SCarowinds workers who weren't monsters in the maze. (I guess they're just to keep people in line?)

Good, but also a bit understaffed.

Scare zones:

The Playground:
Good, but not quite as good as last year, I don't think. The addition of the Skeleton Key room on the bridge takes away some of the space for the monsters to roam around, who weren't quite as high in number as I remember them being last year.

Mass Acres:
Very underwhelming. Too easy to walk through without being scared.

Blood Yard:
Awesome! Well-staffed and quite long! Although I have no idea why they put a monster in one of the dumpster-thingies to just stand there and look threatening...she could have been out scaring people.

Scary Tales:
Kinda's too spread out; they need to make it less of a choice of where you want to go.

London Terror:
Was pretty good last year, but not this year. Not enough monsters.

Of course, this was on a Sunday night, so it's probably better on a Saturday, but I don't have the patience to wait in ridiculously long lines so I don't go on Saturdays.

Predictions for next year:

Last Laff

2 new mazes
Improvement of Mass Acres

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