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By JWitter
Hey, I travel a bit for my job, and I am often in southern states with Amusement parks. So my question is this:

Which parks are best? Which coasters should I check out? Which parks are worth skipping?

My work territory covers 10 states from Virginia down to Florida and over to the Texas Border.

Thanks in advance for any tips, suggestions, or ideas.
If you have a day (heck, half a day) you should go check out the Myrtle Beach area. There are two (three if you count the Sky Wheel) major spots for amusement rides. Those spots are Family Kingdom and The Pavillion Park (at Broadway at the Beach)

Family Kingdom has some great stuff like the Swamp Fox roller coaster, a cool drop tower called Slingshot, a wild mouse, and a unique log flume.

Pavillion has some really wacky and unique flat rides you won't find anywhere else. (gigantic claw swing ride, skyscraper, weird SBF gravitron thing, and this odd 200 foot one-of-a-kind inverting rocket ride. I don't know the manufacturer.) They also have an SBF spinner if you're looking for credits.

These two spots may be out of the way, and too small to really say they're the prime spots of the southeast, but you could probably get these done in half a day, maybe less. It's nothing to really miss, but I think these parks deserve some credit for how unique they are and how the Myrtle Beach area looks in general. If you're ever in the eastern part of the Carolinas, I think it's worth the trip to check these parks out.

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