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By cwgator
Look at the cars for RailBlazer (CGA):

(photo from the park's Facebook page)
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By cwgator
Fun Spot Orlando & Fun Junction USA (acquired last year by Fun Spot) 2018:

Fun Spot in Orlando is getting a Midi Discovery Revolution (Head Rush 360). (A new one, not from the Kissimmee park.) Paratrooper will be moved to Fun Junction USA in Fayetteville, GA , where they are also building a multi-level go-kart track.

Busch Gardens Tampa new for 2018:

You can now get Year-Round Quick Queue at Busch Gardens Tampa for $299 ($269 if with an annual or platinum pass). Strange the park isn't promoting this more. Has the company not learned from their lack of marketing over the last few years? I mean, how much does it cost to make a FB, Twitter or IG post?


Busch Gardens Tampa introduces Year-Round Quick Queue pass for $299

Frequent visitors to Busch Gardens Tampa who hate waiting for their favorite attractions can now purchase a Year-Round Quick Queue pass for $299 and get 365 days of line-skipping privileges.

Recently, the website for Busch Gardens Tampa quietly added a new upgrade option called the Year-Round Quick Queue, which provides unlimited front-of-the-line access to Falcon’s Fury, Cheetah Hunt, SheiKra, Montu, Kumba, Cobra’s Curse, Scorpion, Stanley Falls Flume, SandSerpent, and Congo River Rapids for 365 days days from the first day of use.

Park admission (such as an annual pass) is required but not included in the Year-Round Quick Queue price of $299 per person ($319.93 after tax). Annual Pass Members get a 10% discount on their Quick Queue purchase. Guests must meet individual height requirements for ride entry; passes are non-refundable and rain checks are not available.

For one day visits, Busch Gardens still offers standard single-use Quick Queue (seasonally priced starting at $14.99 per person plus tax), Quick Queue Junior for rides with height limits below 48″ ($9.99 and up), and QuickQueue Unlimited ($19.99 and up).
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By gabed
This will be the best coaster on the planet when it opens. Calling it now.

Can't wait to ride in July. :mrgreen:
Crazanity is now testing! July 13 is the set date for opening. I dont think Carowinds would go for this model because it takes long for it to reach full swing. Withe the Mondial models it takes less time for plus they'd do one full swing *cough Deliruim-KD* and end the ride for capacity purposes. I think I love about Six Flags the flat rides have lengthy ride time to actually enjoy the rides not so short that they end right when you start enjoying them *cough Zephyr, Rock-n-Roller, Grand Carousel, Electro Spin.*
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