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By Jonathan
Wow, I did not expect the Millennium Flyers. I'm glad I postponed my Southern California trip until next year. Excited to try it.
By Edwardo
Have you ridden any coaster pre and post switching to MF trains? I hope this doesn't end up sucky. I love Ghostrider. I guess I'll find out next summer.
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By Jonathan
Only Wildcat at Hersheypark, which was bad before the Millennium Flyers and got significantly worse after them. I don't think that ride received an overhaul like this, though. The full rehab GCI did of Boulder Dash took it for me from a pretty good coaster to one of the best in the world.
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By Jarsh
And they're removing the midcourse as well. Score!!
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By pproteinc
Ohhh yes I can't wait to head west next summer. Last time I rode Ghostrider I received a major headache and had to sit and dope up on meds for 2hrs smh.

Soooo looks like the Joker's track have arrived to SFDK. Just love the color. Thanks Trey!!

Also Lightning Rod's drop is longer than I expected and looks amazing. I can't wait to ride. 2016 is going to be a great year! Photo from RMC on Facebook
By RollerBee
Call me silly but I think alternating those two colors from the left rail and the right rail would give "The Joker" some extra Joker funhouse style.
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By MarkD
My first day here in Clearwater, Florida had a nice surprise. As I walked into the building the very first thing I saw is a new support for Hulk. I asked if that is what it was and was told yes, that they are doing supports. More info and pics later.
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By coasterbruh
hummm . . . so the plant in ohio doesn't do the supports and track?
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By cwgator
^They could have sent them via ship from Ohio using the rivers but I would think that would be quite a bit more expensive.

Or maybe the parts for the Hulk that was supposed to be built in Dubai were actually made and in storage after all...lol
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