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Hopefully it all works out. I visit Dollywood multiple times a year, since it is such a nice park and only 3.5 hours from me. Maggie Valley is only about 15 minutes out of the way, so I would definitely stop by and visit one of these trips if it does open. I've been following this park for a few years now, and researched into it (I like those kinds of things).

Hopefully it all works out! Would definitely love to visit one of these days.
Yeah, I'm skeptical as well but more hopeful than usual since two of the people involved are former Disney execs. If anybody could pull it off, it would be someone with Disney experience.

With that being said, the last article I saw mentioned they were still waiting on some funding.... IF the funding comes through, then I'm more optimistic than usual about this. I do hope it works out as it was always a fun experience there.
I've never been there but the last owner (Alaska Presley) lost me when she announced plans to tear down the roller coaster and use the parts to build a cross on the mountain.

I'm hopeful to see what the new ownership does. I cruise down the Blue Ridge Parkway all the time and this would e a welcomed distraction.

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