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By arby
I am a Panther's fan. I knew they are starting to get all the pieces in place to be a good team, it's whether or not they can consistently play to their potential.
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By arby
With the strong running game the Panthers can pull off and the weak Patriots defense against the run coupled with the superb defense Carolina has, they have a good chance of beating New England.

Unless they start getting plagued with injuries again, they have a really good chance at making the playoffs.
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By RiDeWaRrIoR
I have been a panthers fan for a long time through all the bad and the good. I know now that the team is doing well everyone will start jumping on the band wagon, just like the year we went to the super bowl, everyone all of a sudden became a "fan" of the team. Hhahaha. I think we are doing great this year and I think we will make it to the playoffs for once. Now that Cam is over his "fame" phase or whatever, the team is actually doing a lot better. I dont think it had anything to do with Jake Delhomme or John Fox. I think the Broncos are an awesome team and I will not be surprised if they go to the bowl this year. Speaking of John... how is he after having surgery..
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By arby
I became a 'fan' of the Panthers the year before they went to the super bowl. Since I was (and am) a Browns fan from growing up near there but unable to watch most of their games and follow them, I figured I should start pulling for the Panthers since I stuck with Cleveland through the bad times. (notice I didn't mention good times ;))
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