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By Jay
The team with no championships? :lol:

(no dog in the fight, I like the Falcons because of their offense and Matt Ryan, and it's always fun to see a team get their first championship, I like the Patriots because every time Brady and Belichick step on the field, history is made- I just like to stir the pot)
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By aoriole19
I noticed that both QBs have first names as last names, Ryan & Brady. Upon further inspection, Tom Brady has not 2, not 3, but FOUR first names. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady vs. Matthew Thomas Ryan will be an epic battle of generic white guy names.
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By tarheel1231
Please no. First off, he thinks they're called the "North Carolina" Panthers, and secondly, he wants Kaep and Cam to compete for starting QB. I fully support Kaepernick's protest and I hope he finds a starting position somewhere in the league, but Cam is an elite quarterback. There is no reason to attempt to replace him right now.
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By arby
I see that I wasn't the only person excited about this. With the DC also probably leaving, it will be nice to have a relatively new coaching staff under Rivera.
By Edwardo
Agreed. This season wasn’t terrible but hearing Schuler constantly say they weren’t there yet, I just wanted to say “so hurry and get them there!”
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