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By tarheel1231
I got bored and designed some jerseys. I know they look sloppy but my desktop got a virus a while back. I had to use the kindle editing app:
Maybe I shouldn't go into graphic design.... :(

[EDIT] Second away jersey:
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By Merthecat
I really like the blue jersey/black pants idea! Not sure about the blue helmet, but I'd love to see it in a game! (Unfortunately Jerry Richardson is apparently against any major uniform changes during his ownership, but you never know.)

I also wish they would wear the all black jerseys more often. Granted, they are usually worn for "special" games, so maybe we'll see them in the playoffs.

But anyway, nice job!
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By aoriole19
I think the blue helmet looks great with the black jersey!

As long as they never wear the blue jerseys and the blue pants at the same time again. That looked ridiculous :crazy:
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By aoriole19
Merthecat wrote:
tarheel1231 wrote:Hate, hate, hate the Pats. :thumbdown:

The feeling's mutual. :D


Also, I dyed the ends of my hair blue today and did this yesterday:
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By arby
Same here. I was worn out by the Panther's game yelling at Denver to get their act together. I was almost as excited that New England *didn't* make the Super Bowl as I was for the Panthers to make it. Of course I had no doubt that the Panthers could do it if they had their heads in the game (which they did and I expect they will on 2/7)
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