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I think the point of this tower is to be the park, with all the shops and stores built into the tower.

Wow, this really exceeded my expectations on what I though it was going to be like. When I first heard of this, I honestly thought it was going to be pretty boring and repetitive, with trims keeping the speed low most of the way down. But nope, they are really keeping the speed up in this and with what looks like plenty of airtime moments/ inversions to go around. If it gets good reviews when it opens Ill probably make a trip down there.
It looks like it will be great. I like the outside banked turn at the top. It kinda throws you out of your seat as if you'll be thrown off of the tower. The drops look steep and quick. In my opinion, it will deliver. But we'll wait and see.
I think this is a cool idea and concept. I like it when companies think outside of the box and this is sure to bring a different experience like I have never experienced on a roller coaster. It's kind of like a massive toboggan on steriods.
There have been several updates to this attraction/complex site. They are also adding an Intamin Drop Tower: Skyfall (will be world's tallest), a zip line and the manufacturer of the coaster will be Intamin, designed by Ride Centerline. The design has been changed since the earlier released version; most noticeable on the ending.

Skyfall @ Skyplex

ORLANDO, Fla. —The world's tallest drop tower is coming to International Drive as part of the new SkyPlex attraction.


It's official! The world's tallest roller coaster is coming to central Florida.
The 570-foot-tall SkyPlex attraction will open in 2017 and will contain both the world's tallest roller coaster, Skyscraper, and world's tallest drop tower, Skyfall.

Skyfall will drop riders from 450 feet in the air, which is more than twice as tall as Universal Orlando's Dr. Doom's Fear Fall and the Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Skyfall will be the "big brother" of the current record holder for tallest drop tower, Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom, at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township, New Jersey. Zumanjaro stands at 415 feet tall and drops riders at 90 mph.

SkyPlex will also have a 55-story glass elevator that will take guests to an observation deck.

"People will be whizzing past you, going up, they will be meandering up the tower and then they will be flying down the tower, so you will see the up and the down and really just it gives you a perspective of just how fast you are going," said SkyPlex developer Joshua Wallack.

SkyPlex will break ground in September and will be part of the changing skyline on I-Drive. The 400-foot Orlando Eye observation wheel is set to open this spring, and the world's tallest swing ride, Star Flyer, is set to open in 2016.

To alleviate parking concerns, Orange County commissioners unanimously approved rezoning for a 600-space parking garage in the lot of an old Walgreens at Sand Lake Road and International Drive. The lot will service the SkyPlex and Mango's Tropical Cafe.

Ground will be broken on the garage in 45 days.

Zipline Coming To Skyplex

SkyPlex on International Drive will soon have a new zipline in the works.

"It's like a zipline on steroids, basically." said the zipline’s developer, Joshua Wallack, who announced the attraction coming to the $300 million indoor complex on Wednesday night.

"It's two people in a passenger vehicle. It's not your typical [zipline], where you get hooked into a whole harness. It's really more of a ride vehicle," Wallack said.

The zipline will transport its passengers backward and upward, providing a unique view of the world’s tallest roller coaster, Skyscraper, and the 450-foot drop ride, Skyfall.

"[You’ll] see the Skyscraper roller coaster going around you, people dropping on Skyfall and you're sitting there, and all of a sudden, you shoot back toward Sky plaza [at] 1,500 feet,” Wallack said.

Updated Skyscraper Rendering:
Intamin is simply the contractor who is building/fabricating the ride. Ride Centerline (Alan Schilke, who came from Arrow and has been designing for RMC) is who is designing the coaster. As long as Ride Centerline uses a decent restraint and rolling stock and doesn't let Intamin for sensor happy, it should be more RMC and less Intamin.
Yay Intamin! And Edawrdo, you say that Intamin is only fabricating the ride, but isn't that the only thing they ever do? I thought Wener Stengle designs rides for Intamin and all they do is fabricate. I've never heard of Intamin actually designing a ride like B&M.

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