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Speaking of Fun Spot.....I wonder if Universal had anything to do with them not doing phase II of their expansion that included a water park. I wouldn't put it last them since they are building on onsite now.

With all this going on I don't see going to spend a penny at Universal any time soon. Then again I hadn't been in their parks since 2008 and only Citywalk once a few years ago anyway...lol
Wet n' wild may have stopped them since it was virtually across the street and since fun spot gets their business in the late evening, a water park would probably be no good. There may be some agreement with universal cause I saw you can show your ticketvto get a discount when I was there. I can't be mad at universal. This is what businesses do in a capitalist society.
Universal vs. Skyplex: 7 things you should know
http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/tak ... -post.html

..."As for me, watching two full hours of debate on this strengthened my belief that this is about Universal trying to steamroll competition.

The idea that this project would somehow harm the “character” of I-Drive – which is currently littered with T-shirt shops, hookah lounges, fast-food restaurants and a 425-foot Ferris Wheel – is simply laughable.

I thought Universal's efforts were pretty transparent. But hey, they did the trick with this board.

I’m still not completely convinced the Skyplex guys can make this $500 million project happen. But if it fails, it should fail on its own … not because a competitor pulled public-policy strings to stop the investment from happening."

and... "Universal sounds silly griping about taller roller coaster"
http://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/ ... lumn.html#

http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os- ... video.html
RollerBee wrote:
coasterbruh wrote:But . . . They have already started the construction for the shopping stuff. I think the restaurant opens soon.

I thought the restaurant and shopping was going at the top?

I was thinking about the mangos place . . .
Yeah, mangos is opening soon. And how much more will people at Universal say "hey, I wanna go
To that entertainment complex with a huge awesome ride built on the side, not Citywalk!"

I'm sure Uni isn't happy overall that they're building competition to Citywalk, but then the fact that they're trying to build a 500' advertisement for the complex that would be seen from universal? I'd be trying to stop it too.
Mango’s Tropical Café in South Beach is pretty awesome. I have visited that restaurant many a time and the food and entertainment was great, plus a little dancing after dinner with the talent is always great.

I can see why Universal would want to stop it but at the same time if that complex is taking your business then you might want to look at what you're doing wrong.

Jarvis, you frequent U.S. often so, in your opinion, how would the 2 "walk" compare?
Orlando seems more on quality vs quantity with only 19 places to eat and 9 places to shop. It has more block buster eateries, more sit down places. Whereas hollywoods version seems like a mall with no roof. It has places like jillians, subway and abercrombie. Its also optional as Orlandos you have to walk thru it. I like orlandos version as it seems to focus on the best of the best, although I love the fact that hollywoods has a pinks hotdogs!
MarkD wrote:I can see why Universal would want to stop it but at the same time if that complex is taking your business then you might want to look at what you're doing wrong.

That was my thought as well. My family finds Citywalk boring and not at all targeted to families. It is more of an inconvenience to walk through the 'funnel' of traffic flow on our way back to the parking garage. It makes more sense to me for them to reevaluate Citywalk and broaden its appeal. We are much more interested in going back to Orlando to check out SkyPlex than anything else.

I hope Skyplex comes out on top. While what Universal is doing might be legal, it appears that it is not the most 'business ethical' approach. If Universal wins, I liken it to Microsoft strong arming competition in the 90s, essentially leaving us with Windows or nothing for many years. The lack of competition wasn't good for the end user. I would much rather have a vibrant competitive market in Orlando so we have a better chance of getting more quality attractions in the area.
From my understanding they could if they want to, just have to get approval and have that "red light bling" 8) on top. Which is why the tallest structures at disney are all 199 ft tall.
Good link and some good links inside that article although we won't know until at least 12/1. It is interesting to see that Universal's objection to this is starting to pull out a lot of people in support of the project including Pitbull. This opposition could backfire for Universal...

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