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When I heard that Pitbull is showing support for Skyplex I was surprised since he performs at Universal quite often. That may put him in a position to not get invited back. I'm sure he's unbothered seeing as he is the official tourism ambassador of Florida now. http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/pitbull-is-now-floridas-official-tourism-ambassador-7867177
Axel wrote:looks like the current chairman of the IAAPA has decided to take Universal's side in the Skyplex roller coaster debate. What an ahole!! Sounds like IAAPA needs a new chairman.

http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business ... story.html

So he's and assh0le because his opinion isn't what you want it to be? Now, all of a sudden should be replaced? Over one opinion? Geesh!!! Talk about over reacting lol.
^ naw... he's an ahole because he should be representing the ENTIRE industry... (read the article)... not representing Universal. That's like saying it is OK for the head of FIFA to publicly favors one country over another.

Impartiality (at least publicly) should be part of their jobs.

Sounds like the huge, existing theme parks in Orlando might soon be on the decline... to be replaced with newer tech rides based less on hardware and more on software 8)

Theme park industry gazes beyond Orlando to the next mecca
http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/t ... ca/2254556
The Orlando Coaster will be revealed sometime next week (or later this week). This was just a concept. The Orlando one will be the tallest one for this company. Their 'flagship' for lack of better term. This one will be (I think) between 650'-700' tall. I'm not sure if that's also including the spire at the top, or if that is just for the track height.
Skyplex vote comes up tommorow...

The Orange County Commission will vote Tuesday afternoon on whether to approve the Skyplex development.

"Orange County Commissioner Victoria Siplin, whose district covers Skyplex, told the Orlando Sentinel she has received 1,690 emails and phone calls in favor of the project and 96 against."

And the war continues, which is good for all of us. Having the Skyplex coming, Universal Studios expanding even more than expected and Star Wars land coming to Disney, it's great times for all of us living so close.

EDIT: Here's the land in question:


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