Everything else goes here, including discussion of parks outside of Carowinds and any off-topic discussion
Edwardo wrote:Stay away from Parlament House.

coasterbruh wrote:Unless you have some penicillin on hand . . .

I wouldn't stay there or go back to anyone's room there, but it's fun to party.
I'll be popping in there for Big Boy Pride to see my brother-in-law and some friends briefly.
So far I've LOVED it here. Already started with Disney. Finally got to go into some of the parks. But it's been a hectic two weeks. I only knew three friends here. But I'm slowly meeting new people and making more friends :wink:
Who else is excited to watch Beyoncé rock Indio tonight at BEYCHELLA?!?! The Queen streams live on Coachella's youtube site tonight at 11:05pm PDT or 2:05am EST. Nap and caffeinate accordingly! :D
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I know right! I'm literally texting my friend so we can both stay up all night to see Beyoncé slay that stage hopefully with her Destiny's Child sisters!
The last time DC performed was Super Bowl 47
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Obviously, the Queen will slay tonight!
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Anybody else have a vocal coach? I'm currently suffering from a sore throat and am in complete vocal rest which means no talking, whispering, singing or using my vocal cords unless completely necessary. I'm sipping on plenty of hot water and mixing it with some lemon juice, honey, and peppermint. I'm also in high school so I have had to talk to teachers in a few situations. Just wanted to know has anyone else done complete vocal rest before? I just like reading stories that relate to me sometimes.
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