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so Cedar Point dumped Luminosity and replaced it with acrobats and stunts? I'm planning a trip for this summer and was checking luminosity dates. Are they going to have anything similar to that? Luminosity was always a great time at the end of the day.
Family might head up to Cedar Point this summer, so that should be fun. I'm incredibly excited to ride Steel Vengeance and see if it'll dethrone my favorite coaster at the same park Raptor (let's be serious: It will). It would have been my second RMC but Lightning Rod was closed when we visited Dollywood.
Anyone ever been to Lagoon in Salt lake City? I'm dangerously close to buying a flight to SLC just to go to Warped Tour and Lagoon. I've never been to Utah before.
Actually just got back from SLC! After this most recent visit Lagoon might be one of my favorite parks. It has so much natural "charm" and their collection of coasters (most notably Cannibal) are really fun! They also have a ton of flats and an old Pioneer Village if you're into that kind of stuff.

Don't overlook Salt Lake City as a city either, there are a lot of cool things to do and see. It's a big city that feels like a small city. Most notable are Temple Square and walking around the Utah State Capitol for the incredible views. I can answer some more questions if you like!
I'm so glad to hear you liked it Jay! I have my flight booked already. I'm arriving at midnight Friday and leaving late Sunday so I don't have to miss work at all lol. I'm planning on going to Warped Tour on Saturday and Lagoon on Sunday so the unfortunate part is that I didn't give myself time to explore the city.

I have a friend from Idaho who wanted to come but couldn't, so I'll probably go back to SLC next summer, especially if Lagoon is as good as you say it is :mrgreen:
Oh yeah I hadn't really thought about Sunday morning lol. I'll probably just be pretty much giving up on getting enough sleep that weekend anyway so I may do that. Thanks for the advice!
I just logged on for a moment to say that Steel Vengeance is amazing. I'm sure some of you already know that first hand. I just felt like proclaiming it for myself...lol I went this morning for early entry. I entered the resort entrance right at 9 and waited 40 minutes. The wait time at 9:30 was 2 hrs (FL+ didn't open until 10). Anyways...Back to the park!
Jonathan wrote:If you are an ACE member don't forget to vote in the office elections. I would encourage everyone to read Robert Ulrich's (former ACE Southeast director) statement and consider voting for him for Vice President.

Here we are two years later and Robert is on the ballot for PRESIDENT. Please vote if you are a member.
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