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They do have a better football history no doubt about that. Weve been on the climb for the last few years. Since then when was our football program good up to that point. I just have to much pride for my school to go down giving them the title of the real usc. I understand the history that is there.
We'll compromise. From this point on, I will refer to them as 'USCe' for east. By the way, despite Steve Spurrier's Gators having to play FSU every other year in Tallahassee, the ol ball coach never did win a game in Tallahassee.
FSU was insane in the 90s. We finished the year ranked in the top 5 for 14 straight seasons. Think about that. That is insane. Alabama just ended their streak last season... at 2! USCw is the only team to come anywhere close to FSU when they did it 6 years in a row (2001-2007).

But yeah, I knew you weren't being negative. All good. :D
Bobby Bowden is one of the best of all time to orchestrate something on that level. It will be a while or if we even see it at all a team to match that.

On another note hopefully kelvin can put up big numbers for the panthers this season.
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