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Not gonna make a new thread for this but have you guys seen this? http://imgur.com/gallery/BXO3t

A roller coaster designed to kill its passengers. Insead of lethal injection or eletrocution.


The concept design of the layout begins with a steep-angled lift to the 510-metre (1,670 ft) (0.317 mile) top, which would take two minutes for the 24-passenger train to reach.From there, a 500-metre (1,600 ft) drop would take the train to 360 kilometres per hour (220 mph), close to its terminal velocity, before flattening out and speeding into the first of its seven slightly clothoid inversions. Each inversion would have a smaller diameter than the one before in order to maintain the lethal 10 g to passengers while the train loses speed. After a sharp right-hand turn the train would enter a straight, where unloading of corpses and loading of new passengers could take place.

The Euthanasia Coaster would kill its passengers through prolonged cerebral hypoxia, or insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.[1] The ride's seven inversions would inflict 10 g on its passengers for 60 seconds – causing g-force related symptoms starting with gray out through tunnel vision to black out and eventually g-LOC (g-force induced loss of consciousness). Depending on the tolerance of an individual passenger to g-forces, the first or second inversion would cause cerebral anoxia, rendering the passengers brain dead.
^ that's crazy. By the way, I'm really appreciative of this site so I just added CC to my filter list for AdBlock so it will now start showing ads when I visit this site. It might only be 1/4 of a cent, every click I make... but hey, that might ad up. :lol:
Hah, well there's no need to do that. I don't really care if anyone uses AdBlock or whatever. The site is in great financial shape and I don't expect that to change. The ads actually exploded over the last couple of months due to the dramatic increase in activity here. I'm not complaining since there was a good 10 year dry spell before that. Sometimes I actually get some interesting ads. I keep getting Action Park ones all the time. Right now it's Sesame Place.
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By Jay
It mostly depends on your Google searches. I searched for Mini Coopers the other day and the site was full of Mini Cooper ads not long after. And one time I Googled a bar-code scanner I needed for work, and the ads here were nothing but bar-code scanners. It was so oddly specific I couldn't believe my eyes.

I searched for various phone plans and various phones to replace my current potato just yesterday, so that's all I've been getting recently.

And since this is a loose, free-flowing topic, does anyone have any suggestions for a new phone and plan? I can't stand to be embarrassed or out of the loop anymore with my 1885 technology. Ideally I'd like a cheap Android (and I don't even know where to start with a plan). I figure I'll primarily use it for texting and light web use. Probably not much, if any, gaming.

I've also been browsing http://www.phonearena.com/ but most of it is over my head. Thanks for any help..
Can't help you with the plan but you must get the LG G3. I have the G2 and I'm telling you, LG is the next 'Samsung.' It was HTC for a little while, then it was Samsung and now it's moving to LG. My G2 is a thing of beauty and it's replaced my digital camera completely. Amazing photos... all of the photos on the first page of this thread were taken with the G2.
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