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tarheel1231 wrote:Steam is having their Summer Sale and I'm pondering whether or not to get Planet Coaster. Is it worth it? To what level can I customize my park? If I want it to look nice, do I need to use SketchUp?

Endless imagination is what the game offers. With the upcoming FREE update in 2 days it's even more worth it.
You do not need to use Sketchup, I haven't yet and don't see a need to.

You can see some of my screenshots Here... http://steamcommunity.com/id/mdavis28/screenshots/?appid=493340&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=grid
So I finally got back to work on this thing. I need to make several modifications to what I've currently built. But I did make time to play with the new billboards and screens.

So I got tired of only working on Fury 325 and I wanted to explore more with the use of all scenery pieces and effects that this game has to offer.
So I decided to go ahead and make a recreation of my favorite Disney ride... even though I have never been to any of the parks. I have always had a fascination with this ride for some reason. What actually got me into this ride was the 2003 movie starring Eddie Murphy. Yeah, I know a lot of people think it was a cheesy movie, but I digress. I actually love it. I love the style, the architecture, the actors, and the music. This in turn showed me what the movie was inspired from... the ride itself. And ever since then I have loved this ride.

So I started a new park. Oddly enough I named it "Magic Kingdom".
My recreation will actually be a slight mix of the Disneyland Mansion and the Magic Kingdom Mansion. However, I will rely mostly on the Magic Kingdom Mansion.

I've started with the "Boarding Hall" where the "Doom Buggies" first appear. However, there are no doom buggies, so I am using the Magic Katz ride for now. I can't do separate loading and unloading stations, so I'll have to use a special effects and scenery trick to hide the fact that it's all one station. I won't know exactly how it will work out until I make this room and get the next room or two done. I know I'll use a lot of fog and dark pieces to hide the separate Boarding Hall room and Mausoleum Room. I'm hoping that this will be my most detailed recreation.

This is what I have so far:

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