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A friend and I have been working on this for a few months. Pretty happy with how the park looks right now, any thoughts? :D
Trying to get back into the game after three months of not playing it. I'm working on a concept called "Peregrine Plunge", and it's a B&M Dive coaster to replace Dinosaurs Alive. It's probably about half done.

Really I think it's more of an eventuality than just a wild prediction. CF has already built two (three if you count Hangtime). They're big, marketable, and more affordable than other B&M models; and they fit within compact spaces,(i.e.) Dinosaurs Alive. On top of that, it would add some height to that side of the park.

However, I realized that I scaled the coaster incorrectly, as if it were to fit the dimensions of DA, the second drop should have been completely behind Afterburn's brake run:

[EDIT] Adjusted it slightly:

Yeah, the scale is off. Really, the Immelmann should only go up to around the bathroom by Afterburn and Dinostore, but I made the transition too long. I may just move Afterburn again.

I feel like a dive coaster in RRR would ruin the sightlines to Fury, since it would only be 100 feet shorter and cover up the views of the lift hill. A GCI would work better over there, where there’s tons of wooded land and terrain changes.
I think the ten-across mega dive, similar to valravn and yukon striker, doesn't seem like it'd fit too well in carowinds' skyline. If we were to get a dive in general, i'd keep it under 200 feet and have the eight across trains. Something along the lines of baron 1898 or valkyria in terms of layout. Also, especially with Planet Coaster, we need the eight across trains for the dive coaster- and what really bugs me- is the holding brake. I would like the holding brake to have a maneuver so you can get it to how steep you want it- or just decrease how steep it is already.
I built the rest of Intimidator, and I found a blueprint on the workshop for Woodstock Express and added them into the game. There is a lot more foliage. I'm about 85% done with this:

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