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I'm trying to replicate Fury 325 with the game. I'll have pictures soon. So far I've built the lift hill, queue line, and I'm working on the station building. I do have to say though, trying to make a roller coaster smooth in this game is proving to be more challenging than in no limits 2. But that put aside, this game is beautiful!
Jonathan wrote:I'm finally going to buy Planet Coaster tonight. Really excited about it.

You'll have to let me know if you post things in the Workshop as I do.


Good luck with recreations. To me, and it's just my opinion, recreations are just blah no matter how good and accurate they are. If I want to "ride" the ride then You Tube has a POV. If I want to see the ride then there are tons of pics and videos.

It is the fantasy, the what if, the can I do that in these games that I like. Doing something creative not copied. I mean, where is your imagination if all you do is copy something or someone else?

You'd be surprised the amount of ideas from these sims that have actually made it into the real world. For as long as I have been playing them I have seen Parks and Manufacturers actually use a lot of these ideas. So, keep your imagination open and do the seemingly impossible. You never know when it might actually be possible.
One reason why I've completely redesigned Hurler as an RMC , redesigned two sections of the park, and even came up with a few new ride ideas :thumbup:

Besides, I wanted to try my attempt at recreating it. No need to blatantly question my imagination.
What IS creative about doing a RE-CREATION is trying to figure out how to use the scenery pieces to look like exactly what you want them to look like.
I ended up getting it and then my laptop wouldn't run it due to an older graphics card.

So, I bought myself a new laptop, lol. Game looks fantastic, but it's gonna take some time to figure out how to build everything properly. My biggest issue is lining the brake run up with the station. Can't seem to get it right regardless of how many times I try. I end up getting close and then just autocompleting it to get it to work.

I'm just messing around in a sandbox mode now until I can figure how it all works better.
That's why I'll build the station, then the brake run (or in the case of fury, the curve then brake run) then I build the lift hill and everything else. As of right now, I'l building the station structure and entry plaza. then I'll finish the circuit.
I found them last night and browsed them for a bit.

Some are better than others and some aren't as smooth as you'd expect. The Banshee layout he did was pretty good but his Beast and SOB weren't as good. He needs to learn to use the "Smooth All/Smooth Banking" tool to adjust some of his hills. Most ended up looking like the run home on Magnum and not very parabolic.
What I have done so far.

Here's a better one of the side profile.
Amos, looking awesome. You got way more patience then I have.

Jonathan, I can't fathom creating something like that. It is insane the amount of work put into that ride with all the triggers to activate the various lights and then to put all the pieces together. Wow is right.

Heck, I'm feel good when I get two pieces to fit together. lol
I've went in and deleted the first turn. It wasn't quite right enough so I will try again. However, I did finalize the first drop and added the column supports. I wish there was a way to add custom supports like in No Limits. But for now, I'll use the shape pieces to make them.
Planet Coaster has just received its free Winter Update, shocking many fans. The game was just released on Nov. 17, so having loads of new content this early is a pleasant surprise. Frontier Developments launching it for free is icing on the cake.



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