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By A-z coasters
1. Fury 325
2. Lightning Rod
3. Millennium Force
4. Kumba
5. Top Thrill Dragster
6. Afterburn
7. Goliath (Over GA)
8. Intimidator
9. Raptor
10. Cheetah Hunt
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By cwgator
Time To Update. Changes below in BOLD.
By Manufacturer:

Arrow: Magnum XL200
B&M: Fury 325
CCI: Cheetah (Wild Adventures)*
Chance: Lightning Run*
Dinn: The Beast
E&F Miler: Viking Voyage
Fajume: Wacky Worm (Adventure Landing) :lol:
Gerstlauer: Mystery Mine
Gravity Group: Mine Blower*
GCI: Mystic Timbers
Intamin: Maverick
ICI: Hurler (Carowinds)
L&T Systems: Sideshow Spin* :lol:
Mack: Cobra's Curse
Maurer Söhne: Go Bananas (Wild Adventures)*
PTC: Great American Scream Machine
Premier: Flight Of Fear (KD)
RMC: Steel Vengeance
Schwarzkopf: Mind Bender (SFOG)
Setpoint: Flying Super Saturator*
Togo: Shockwave (KD)*
Vekoma: Expedition Everest
Wiegand: Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster*
Wisdom: Tasmanian Tiger* :lol:
Zamperla: Rockstar Coaster*
Zierer: Shamu Express :lol:

*indicates I've only ridden one from that manufacturer to date
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By Chris
Chris wrote:
Chris wrote:Wood
1. Lightning Rod
2. Mystic Timbers
3. El Toro
4. Lightning Racer
5. Thunderhead
6. Wild One
7. Grizzly
8. Dania Beach Hurricane
9. Beast
10. Cannon Ball

1. Fury 325
2. Skyrush
3. Storm Runner
4. Maverick
5. Magnum XL-200
6. Millennium Force
7. Intimidator 305
8. Superman - Ride of Steel (Six Flags America)
9. Mind Bender (Six Flags Over Georgia)
10. Bat

A little has changed in the last year so here's an update...

1. Fury 325
2. Twisted Timbers
3. Skyrush
4. Magnum XL-200
5. Storm Runner
6. Maverick
7. Superman - Ride of Steel (Six Flags America)
8. Millennium Force
9. Bat
10. Afterburn

1. Lightning Rod
2. Mystic Timbers
3. Lightning Racer
4. Thunderhead
5. El Toro
6. Wild One
7. Grizzly
8. Georgia Cyclone
9. Dania Beach Hurricane
10a. Cannon Ball
10b. Beast

OK, even more has changed over the last year...

1. Voyage
2. Lightning Rod
3. Mystic Timbers
4. Ravine Flyer II
5. Legend
6. Raven
7. Lightning Racer
8. El Toro
9. Wild One
10. Beast
11. Thunderhead


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