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By Chris
Chris wrote:I've been to Carowinds (and will be going back) and I'm going to Dollywood. That's about it for me this year.

I figured I need to update this...

Been to:

Going to:
Kings Dominion
Carowinds again for MC3.
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By Hiveminded
Here is my update on the year so far.

[s]May 22-23 Six flags Fiesta Texas and Sea world.[/s] (ERT was a bust due to weather :()
[s]May 29-30 Holliwood nights[/s] (AMAZING!!!)
[s]June 6 ACE dives at BGW[/s] (Tempesto's heartline feels like it's a foot off the side of the train? And the "confort collars" are the worst thing ever, they are flimsy and make it really quite hard to get in. Regardless it's very fun and fits the park quite well.)

June 18 My first trip to Knoebels
June 19 Herhsey park ACE day
June 20 Dorney park ACE day
These three ended up being on a bad weekend to travel for me.

July 11 SFNE ACE day, And I have moved the three parks above to doing an all in one trip with this.
SFMM and Knotts on Christmas break
And sometime in the fall Dollywood
By Tawny71
Updating mine, since life happened and plans have changed...

So far in 2015, I've been to:

Carowinds (multiple visits)
Universal Studios
Islands of Adventure
Six Flags over Georgia

Still to come this year:

Lake Winnie
[s]Storybook Land
Morey's Piers
Six Flags Great Adventure (these three are all part of CoasterCon)[/s]
None of these are happening. No CoasterCon for me this year. :(

Family Kingdom
OD Pavilion
Six Flags over Texas (probably...not for sure)
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Sea World San Antonio
[s]ZDT Amusement[/s] Not happening because Switchback won't be open until after our trip.

The other alpine coasters in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge that I haven't done yet

Maybe other Six Flags parks since I have a pass?
Oh, and more trips to Carowinds, of course!!!
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By shane235
I am currently working my way back to NC after a family vacation that included a trip to some parks. We drove up to Ohio and we stayed in the Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point, this was my first time at Cedar Point, so we stayed for 2 days. It was very fun, and lines were very short, which was disappointing because our $100 fast passes didn't come to any use, but we still enjoyed it! I even saw a TTD rollback while I was in the station for the ride (I'm not sure how often this happens). Maverick was insane, and the new restraints were very nice, Millenium Force was very cool, and TTD was... tall. We then went through NY and to Niagra Falls, crossed into Canada, and sadly did not stop at either Marineland nor Canada's Wonderland. We had a great time in Toronto, and we further explored north into The Georgian Bay before turning around to go South. We spent yesterday driving through Michigan and Ohio until my parents decided to stop in Mason, Ohio and let me spend the afternoon at Kings Island for the first time! We got to the park around 5 PM, and I was doubtful that I could ride all the rides because it was a Saturday, and we didn't have much time. However, the overcast weather must have scared people away because we barely had any lines! The longest lines I waited in were about 20 min. For Flight of Fear and Firehawk. Banshee may have beat out Afterburn for best invert for me, and Flight of Fear was my first Premier roller coaster! Diamondback was awesome and I think it might have beat out Intimidator, but I'm not sure yet. So for 2015, I have already done my coaster trips, so now it's back to Carowinds for the rest of the summer!
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By Chris
It's crazy how things change... Added Six Flags America :roll: to the list. Seems like a pretty cookie cutter Six Flags park but there's 3 credits there I'm really looking forward to (Superman: Ride of Steel, Roar, and Wild One).

Been to:

Going to:
Six Flags America
Kings Dominion
Carowinds again for MC3
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By aoriole19
I'm also planning to go to Six Flags America, and I don't really know much about it but I looked at their website and I think I will like it! It seems underrated, since I've never really heard about people going there/getting excited to go there, but I think they have a number of good rides.

For me, SFNE was better than I expected, and I definitely thought it was underrated.
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By Chris
^ It sounds like one of those parks that, on paper, looks amazing. After all, you have a flyer, hyper, stand-up, twisted woodie, out-and-back woodie, invert, spinning mouse and even a launch. The problem is, most of the rides are old, used, and 'second fiddle' companies.

But we'll see... I've been wrong before. :wink: Usually, the parks that I have low expectations for are the ones that surprise me.
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By shane235
Update for me

Been to:
Disney World (all 4 parks)
Cedar Point
Kings Island

Going to:

I'm done with my travels for this years! But I definitely will go to Carowinds more, and hopefully I will attend MC3!
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By Jonathan
Six Flags America: Not as horrible as you've heard, but still not that good. Superman and Wild One are great, though, and apparently Roar was really good last year.
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By Jarsh
I guess I can update my list as well...

Been to:
Carowinds (January - ACE event)
Carowinds (March - Media Day)
Six Flags over Georgia (April - ACE event)
Alabama Splash Adventure (June - ACE event)

Going to:
Dollywood (June - off an on the last full week for vacation!)
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (July 6, barring any flight delays for a work trip)
Carowinds (July - ACE event)
Dollywood (November - ACE event)
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By arby
I'm pretty sure you won't find Six Flags America underrated but it's still a decent park. I was looking most forward to Superman and was disappointed. Maybe it was just the train I was on but the entire ride was rough. Unfortunately Roar wasn't open when I went so I'll hit that next time I'm in the area.

Wild One was running great when I was there and happy that I chose it for #200. I'm particularly fond of wooden coasters and am happy to see when anybody makes a commitment to maintain them and keep them for future generations to enjoy. Anyway, the trip for Wild One alone is worth it in my book.

The park seems to have a larger selection of flat rides than Carowinds.
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By Chris
I am stoked right now. For years, anytime I mention Carowinds or roller coasters around my Grandmother and Great Aunt (both live in Florida), they talk about how they used to drive up north on US 1 to Massachusetts to visit old friends and they would all go to Paragon Park and "ride this HUGE coaster". That coaster was called "Giant Coaster" and last night, I realized that coaster is now Wild One at Six Flags America. I am going to get to ride the same roller coaster my Grandmother and Great Aunt rode over 65 years ago. :D
By Edwardo
Been to:
Disney World (all but AK)
Carowinds at least ten times
Cedar point
Conneaut Lake

Going To:

I'm sure I'll do more but I just got a bunch of concert tix and plan on more since my second favorite artist just announced a world tour, do I'm sure I'll go to some parks while I'm trekking around being a groupie.
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By arby
We just decided out of the blue to do a coaster 'road trip' because I need to use up some vacation time. Thursday we'll be hitting KI and I can hopefully pick up 7 of the 8 credits I'm missing there (unless I can borrow a kid and get Great Pumpkin Coaster.) Friday we'll be at Indiana Beach, and Saturday we'll be at Kentucky Kingdom. It should be a lot of fun. :D
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