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By Tawny71
Do any of y'all use coaster-count.com? Apparently, they upgraded to a new format, and I can't log in now. Just wondering if anyone else had issues since the update...
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By Jarsh
They sent me an email the other day where I had to go verify my account again because they changed servers. I did it and it worked, but I couldn't tell ya why, lol.
By Tawny71
LOL. I did all that email verification process, but still when I try to log in it says that I have to transfer my account. Which I already did. Ugh.

I don't see any kind of "contact us" button or anything, either.
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By MarkD
That happened to me also. But, I realized that my screen had scrolled down so I just scrolled back up and clicked on Login and that worked.

Now for the task of updating it as I haven't done that in a while.
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By coasterbruh
Any word on when new folks can register? I have no idea how many coasters I have been on and I would like to know so I can brag and hold up signs in pictures...
By Tawny71
I'm wondering if their site doesn't love Safari. I had trouble on my Mac and my iPhone, but I logged in on our Windows laptop, and it was fine.

My count is really low, especially considering I'm such an old lady. I'm fixin to become a credit whore and ride all the kiddie coasters (and big coasters) I can find. ;)
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By Hiveminded
Can confirm it is broken with safari. Actually it seems like both the coaster-count and coastercounter websites are broken on safari. It works on firefox and chrome though.
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By coasterbruh
I found another site, coastercounter.com. I like it does what I need it to do and that's keep count.
By Tawny71
Darn it, Jarvis! I'm trying to eat healthy and now I want a freakin cookie!

Btw...someone needs to develop an app to track coasters. Wonder why these websites can't just develop a simple app that interacts with their database?
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By coasterbruh
You can get one...just start tootin' your own horn :thumbup: :clap: !

That would be a great idea! I just realized I havent been on too many coasters, like 150ish but I just dont go on kiddie coasters. As I was going thru that site ticking off my coasters I was like...its a lot of coasters I just haven't been on but have walked right on by lol...maybe i'll give in...
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By Wormy
Did someone want a cookie?


After the transfer, coaster-count worked fine for me under Safari after deleting the existing cookie. 8)

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