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By chargercrazy
I have two less in the strict count and I know why. Two of the coasters (Dominator and Headspin / Carolina Cobra) have been relocated. I have ridden each in both parks, but it only counts once since it is the same coaster that was moved.
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By coasterdave
I stopped counting a good while ago but my rule was you counted what and however you want. Noone has a right way or a wrong way. It is your count so do it like you want it.
By RollerBee
I can't count! :sarcasm:
I stopped counting a few years ago, had one on ThrillNetwork but last time I went there. It was so different.
By chargercrazy
Jay wrote:I don't think that effects your "total" count. I have 13 relocated coasters and my count says 704 and is only off by two (thanks Möbius racers). My strict is only 681, which is exactly less my 19 Powered and 4 Water coasters.

Of course I could still be talking completely out of my ***.

I wasn't saying you were wrong, I was just saying that is the reason why my total and strict counts were a difference of 2.
By RollerBee
But the Smurf Mountain coaster at KD isn't. The ride's manufactor(Arrow) says it was.
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By aoriole19
Jay wrote:Hilarious that you have the Fantasy Island Dragon.. that's like the one coaster in New Jersey I don't have. :lol:

Haha, I grew up going to Fantasy Island with my grandma (mostly for the arcade!)

I always thought the dinky little coaster in Jeepers was my first roller coaster, until I found out there was one at Fantasy Island. Chances are, Dragon was my first coaster and I don't even remember it :cry: I did re-ride Dragon as a teenager though just to make 100% sure I had the credit :lol:
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By Chris
Jay wrote:My thought on that is, you could theoretically move one side of Thunder Road to a different park, while keeping the other side intact, so they are 2 coasters. You can't do that with Racer at Kennywood so it's only one.

Exactly why I've always thought of TR as two.
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By cwgator
^If they have separate tracks and can operate without the other I always count as 2, even if it's just a mirror of each other. I've never been on a mobius coaster but that I would count as one.

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