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By Edwardo
Finally announced...Jeesh.

Apparently BGT is getting a Mack Spinner, from what I heard.
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By cwgator
I knew this was coming (SW). Too bad I didn't mention it over here yet. Then again I was waiting until more information was available before starting a thread about it. I'm ready!!! It will be nice to have a hyper closer to home (still about 90 min away). Hopefully this will help the park out in the future to come since it's one of my home parks; BGT is the other (since I have season passes for them both).

More details coming in May. Because of it's rumored location with station between Shark Encounter and Nautilus Theater and teasers, I have a feeling it will be shark themed and perhaps named Great White since they already have a coaster with the name in Texas. Another option could be Orca themed since it is the top predator. However that may not be the best marketing right now with all the negative press in the last several years.
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By arby
It's great to see SeaWorld moving forward with more thrill rides. That is probably what they need to focus on the most right now (along with restoring their image).
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By cwgator
Per Screamscape:

As for the coaster itself, I’m told it will be from Mack Rides who made all the Journey To Atlantis rides, the Manta coaster in San Diego and is rumored to be making the coaster for Busch Gardens Tampa in 2016. While I’m not 100% sure on this bit, rumor has it that the coaster will be lauched, like Manta in San Diego, but with a much larger layout. In fact, while I don’t know exactly how aggressive the layout will be, or how many inversions, it may be a good idea to look up videos of Blue Fire at Europa Park or Helix at Lisberg to get an idea of what you may be able to expect.

He is definitely getting his information from other sources, most likely the consensus of what folks on TPR and other forum sites I've seen discussing this want. Of course any rumor in reality has at most 50% accuracy (either it's true or it's not). I think I have more faith in the other sources that say it will be B&M. While I would be excited for anything they have in store, I think something that's proven reliable over and over again will be the way to go in getting this attraction going
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By tarheel1231
I'm kind of hoping for Mack on this one. Their Megalite model looks brilliant, and it would be cool to see something like that in America but super-sized. All evidence seems to be pointing towards B&M right now, and I believe Edwardo said Seaworld was going with B&M for their next coaster, so Mack seems unlikely.
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By coasterbruh
What the hell! How did I miss this????
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By pproteinc
^ RIGHT...then it may turn into a knight or half wolf and half raven. I love mythology.

It does point to a dive coaster, the creature pretty much looks like a griffon to me except it's a wolf and raven.
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By cwgator
FAA proposal for Seaworld Orlando's 2016 coaster:


Only 201 ft though? Well what was announced stated 200 so I'll take it. 1 foot higher than SheiKra. Looks like construction will start in June and be complete by the end of May 2016.
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