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By Jonathan
Short and small but very well themed. I'll post a TR at some point. Joris en de Draak was awesome and their water coaster was stunning. They also have a really crazy indoor Vekoma coaster and maybe my favorite dark ride ever.
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By arby
I haven't ridden them enough, yet, but every Vekoma that I've ridden with these new restraints really do make the ride much better.
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By Jarsh
Wow. That looks much better that my last ride on it, especially that neck breaking, spinal realigning helix.

The only thing that would kill it now is if Heather, aka lap bar stomper, is back checking restraints, lol.
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By pproteinc
I can't wait to hop on Ghostrider at the end of the month!!

I absolutely love the light package in the monster!

Only if we could get a version of Wildfire at Carowinds sheesh the ride looks magnificent.
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By coasterbruh
pproteinc wrote:I can't wait to hop on Ghostrider at the end of the month!!

Take plenty pictures!!!
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By pproteinc
Mack is really pushing out some great rides and China has been IMO booming and receiving great rides these past few years.
By Edwardo
It baffles me that CF and SF won't go with Mack and Premier more. Esp since bothe can build full size thrilling coasters.
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By Jarsh
tarheel1231 wrote:Premier, I can understand because of capacity.

Uh... explain.
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By tarheel1231
Premier rides tend to have low capacity or lower capacity than other rides. One of the selling points for B&M's is that they're huge people eaters. At the end of the day though, what really matters is how quickly the ride can be dispatched.

A launch coaster from Mack or Premier down here would be great.
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