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By pproteinc
Edwardo wrote:It baffles me that CF and SF won't go with Mack and Premier more. Esp since bothe can build full size thrilling coasters.

Well they have, its just been a few years. I think The Dark Knight coasters at 3 of the 6flags parks are by Mack as are the Ricochets at Carowibds and KD.
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By gabed
pproteinc wrote:Well they have, its just been a few years. I think The Dark Knight coasters at 3 of the 6flags parks are by Mack as are the Ricochets at Carowibds and KD.

The Ricochets were Paramount's (gracious) doing. However, Cedar Fair put Coast Rider at Knotts three years ago. Plus Six Flags added Superman at Discovery Kingdom in 2012 and Full Yolo at Magic Mountain in 2013. Granted that is a while ago at this point.
By Edwardo
I said I'm surprised they don't go with them More. I realize they purchase some products occasionally. I'm baffled as to why it isn't more often, and for something other than a mouse.

As for capacity, Premier builds what the Parks ask for. When Paramount asked for a high capacity launcher, they built a three train spaghetti bowl.
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By pproteinc
Well Taron has finally opened and I must say the ride looks simply incredible!! The level of theming is just life to me and I can't wait to head over hopefully next July or August. Even the restaurant is beautiful. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Taron is next to Raik. Which brings that whole area together beautifully. I do like that they have more than one train on the course at a time giving that dueling feel even tho it's not that type coaster. Intamin did alright with this one. It seems like first half is tamed a bit and after the second launch the rides gets really intense with the speed curves and transitions. I love every bit of it!

Vids from youtube




Night Ride
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By pproteinc
So I ventured to Kentucky Kingdom for the first time in years.

I'm skipping straight to Storm Chaser. This is my first RMC and boy I tell you this ride is amazing from start to finish. The pacing was relentless and the battalion roll drop was magnificent. The ejector airtime was insane crushing my thighs and I loved every bit of it especially in the front seat. I prolly was in my seat twice if that. My only draw back was the coaster look like it's sitting on a vacant lot it would lol to clean it up a bit and add some trees and new grass. Everything was just over grown and there were still stacks of steel and track from the demised sister everywhere. The entrance plaza was nice tho.

Thunder Run was running great I def prefer this layout of the Hurlers.

T3 can be shot to hell and scrapped I don't care how pretty it looks that the adjusted my back 3x in a terrible way and then the restraints crushed my legs thru the final barrel rolls and stayed tight back to the station. My legs were tingling from almost no circulation when I got off.

Lightning Run was amazing from start to finish. The restraints were weird for this type coaster that doesn't invert but still a fun ride with lots of ejector air.

Note: I hate the no sunglasses without a strap rule...

The park itself was clean and tidy not to packed. Great collection of kids rides for my 2yr old niece and wonderful flat rides. I love love love Cyclos lol.

My only draw back was and still is the layout of the park. It felt like we were walking in restricted areas to get to some rides and also getting to the park from the front parking lot. The shuttles weren't in service when we arrived so we had to walk thru the god awful warehouse looking building that smelled horrible. As we were returning to our car bulldozer were all over the place spreading dirt in the parking lot prepping for horses to arrive said a worker.

Headed to Cedar Point in the morning!!!
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