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By arby
I actually think it is pretty cool. I appreciate the attempt to bring 21st century technologies to the amusement park industry.

With that being said, the only issue I have with it is that most implementations I have seen of it so far very greatly reduce capacity to the roller coasters. When someone can figure out how to implement this and maintain capacity, it will be awesome.
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By pproteinc
World's of Fun Update:

New Front Gate looks nice with the new balloon signing. I'm guessing the LED boards will eventually make its way thru the chain?

The new metal detectors made to WOF as well

This sign is so awesome to me.

A case of county fair at Carwoinds. The new rides were not yet complete for opening day, Only in testing mode.


Photo Credits: Slides to rides and WOFanatic
By Edwardo
cP all as o has the new metal detectors. Looks like it's going chain wide. KD already had them in place integrated into their entrance.
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By gabed
OWA pushed their opening back to July, honestly I'm surprised it's not going back later. Building a park, even that small, that quickly seemed overly ambitious to be completely honest.
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By cwgator
A little more detail about Kraken Unleashed:
SeaWorld: Kraken losing its head, gaining new entrance, queue
The makeover of the Kraken roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando goes beyond the addition of virtual-reality headsets. Look for real-life physical changes as well for the area around the attraction when it reopens in June.

Among the changes: The enormous eel-like kraken creature – big enough for people to walk under and for the coaster to speed through -- near the ride’s entrance has been dismantled. There’s a new kraken in town, explains Brian Morrow, vice president of theme-park experience for SeaWorld Parks & Resorts.

The mythical beast that will be seen via virtual-reality headset on the ride is a different species of kraken than the slithery one that originally inspired the thrill ride, which debuted in 2000, Morrow said. So, for consistency’s sake, the old big blue figure had to go before the new Kraken Unleashed name kicks in.

“We had to make sure that the creature that’s represented in physical form at the entry of the ride matched” the VR version, he said.

“All you see of the new kraken are her tentacles, because she’s based off a squid and not an eel,” Morrow said. “Now, we’ve made it a little more interesting with suction cups and teeth inside the suction cups.“

Those pinkish tentacles at the entrance are to the scale of the sea monster passengers will view in the VR experience.

She’s kind of a big deal.

“She’s very big and upset that we’re there,” Morrow said of the ride’s future story line.

Retheming of the queue will help set the scene of the onboard visuals. Park visitors will walk through scenes that represent a sea base off the shore of the Greek island of Mykonos that was established by an adventure capitalist, Morrow said. It’s designed to look like a repurposed fishing village, essentially rented out for an eco-tourism enterprise.

Also new to the queue will be media for storytelling and for explaining, via digital animation, how the VR equipment is used. The new Kraken story takes place in a (virtual) submarine, where passenger will explore an underwater geological formation.

“It’s very easy to understand. It really helps the virtual world that we’re going to put the guests inside of make more sense because the practical world is matching,” Morrow said. “That way it’s not so jarring when you put the headset on. This is what theme parks do. We’re place-makers.”

What you won’t see at the ride’s re-opening: Educational moments in the “Save the Kraken” vein. SeaWorld emphasizes real-life animals and their associated wonders, but the entire park doesn’t have to be all-nature, all the time, Morrow said.

“Kraken and [Journey to] Atlantis fill that gap of imagination and legend and wonder without feeling the need to do too much education,” he said. “It’s like recess in the school day. You get a break and then you go back into the learning world.”

I'm going back in September....I still won't be putting those headsets on...my 10 yo nephew might...lol
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By arby
I'm doing everything I can to make it there this year. While I'm optimistic about OWA, I do want to check it out just in case it turns into another Hard Rock.
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By cwgator
Well this is interesting; an S&S Suspended Family Coaster @ Dutch Wonderland opening this year: Merlin's Mayhem

Guests are given a chance to soar through the sky with Merlin to find his beloved dragon. As soon as guests enter the queue, they are immersed in the story of how Merlin found Mayhem and the bond between a magician and a dragon. Merlin asks guests to join him on the quest to find Mayhem. With the wave of his wand, Merlin makes an enchanted flying machine appear for guests to board.
20 guests will sit in pairs on a suspended coaster, rising about 60 feet into the air at its tallest point. There will be two helix turns along with many twists and dips. Merlin will give clues and encouragement through on-board audio within the seats. Guests should keep an eye out for hidden clues throughout the ride. All riders must be at least 39 inches to ride the coaster manufactured by S&S – Sansei Technologies.
Will guests be able to find Mayhem and return him to Merlin, or will the dragon stay lost, causing his own mischief around Dutch Wonderland? Find out Summer 2017!

Coaster Q&A

Where in the park will the ride be located?
Merlin’s Mayhem will be located in the center of the park. The station of the ride will be built in the area of the old Sunoco Turnpike station before it was relocated.
When will construction start and end?
Work on the site of Merlin’s Mayhem has already begun, and will continue until the ride opens in the summer of 2017.
What will you need to remove from the park to make room for Merlin's Mayhem?
The station of the ride will be built in the area of the old Sunoco Turnpike station before it was relocated; therefore, no rides will be removed.
What is the height requirement for this ride?
All passengers will have to be at least 39 inches to ride Merlin’s Mayhem.
How tall is this ride?
At its highest point, the coaster will reach 60 feet.


Photo posted yesterday of the construction on the park's Facebook page:
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By Jarsh
Soaring Timbers opened this weekend at some point.
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