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By Sean978
Jonathan wrote:Mystic Timbers might be my favorite GCI and one of my favorite coasters period.

We can has please Carowinds?

How is it compared to Thunderhead?
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By arby
Yes, it was absolutely amazing. I don't know what happened because during the day it was kind of ho hum. Later that same night, though, it was insane. The airtime is amazing.

I love Thunderhead but I like Mystic Timbers better, mostly because of the insane amount of airtime that it gives. I'll still ride Thunderhead any opportunity I get.

The shed got better the more I rode Mystic Timbers. If you only ride in the back, you probably won't 'get it.' You have to be in the first two rows at least once to appreciate it. So, that is my biggest complaint about the shed - it isn't inclusive for the entire train, only the first couple of cars get the full experience.
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By Jonathan
Sean978 wrote:
Jonathan wrote:Mystic Timbers might be my favorite GCI and one of my favorite coasters period.

We can has please Carowinds?

How is it compared to Thunderhead?

I rate Thunderhead very highly; it was until now my favorite GCI and one of my favorite coasters period (I like it just as much as Lightning Rod in fact).

I think I like Mystic Timbers more. Thunderhead has some advantages going for it with bigger hills and more interesting pacing (I like the way Thunderhead seems to get progressively more out of control throughout the ride), but Mystic Timbers tops it in terms of airtime and intensity. It is absolutely relentless, like a mini GCI version of Voyage. It has a lot of interesting little elements and uses the terrain very well. One of my favorite parts is on the return leg there's a drop down to the river that is longer than the smaller hills that came before it, which really caught me off guard the first time I rode it.
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By pproteinc
Well I'm at SFDK!!! I got to ride Wonder Woman on its opening day. I love Zamperla Frisbee so no surprise I was a happy camper. This version however only rotates counterclockwise vs rotating clockwise and counterclockwise. The light package is awesome, less lights than Riddler's Revenge.

The ride is tuck away in between Superman and The Joker at the front of the park. So you get great views as you're walking from the parking lot to the front gate.

Here's the signage. I think SF did well with this one. No cardboard cutouts here.

Now one thing I like about the ride as far as interaction, which I'm sure I'll be a loner on this, is how extremely close the que line is in proximity to the ride while in operation. I'm pretty sure if you stretch your arm enough you can probably touch it. It does make for a nice breeze while waiting in line.

Pretty sure it is was CF the que would not be this close. :sarcasm:

One good this is that's it's definitely a people eater so the wait wasn't long at all, though the line was stretched to the entrance of Joker. Maybe about an hour or so it took me to get on. Plus there's a lot to look at while in line you have Joker, Medusa, and Superman all very close to marvel at.
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By Axel
InPark Magazines interview with Vekoma's Charlotte van Etten and Benjamin Bloemendaal:



Bermuda Blitz, along with several other new designs, was designed with interaction with the ride area in mind. The special opportunities these designs provide regarding near-miss effects and close fly-by’s are part of the key-selling points of these coasters.

Our concept is based on the idea of a wild plane ride over the Bermuda Triangle. The idea highlights different sections of the track layout, such as the track crossing over and under the station. It revolves around a central set piece, such as a shipwreck. Although it would be outside of Vekoma’s scope of delivery, the ride can also integrate lighting, sound and mist effects.

The first installation of this coaster, dubbed Lech Coaster at Legendia in Poland, will include all the suggested theme elements from our Bermuda concept, but cast into the park’s own custom storyline.
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