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By coasterbruh
Because, maybe they feel dorneys needed lights and the others don't? North vs South beef? First Snoop town and now gang rivalries!!?!?
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By coasterbruh
pproteinc wrote:^ Nope not buying it. Lol. Gang rivalries? What gang name did I mention? :think:

North and South. And UGGGHHHHH on this light talk. It doesn't change the ride experience to me. I would rather them spend the money on a new attraction anyway . . .
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By pproteinc
^ What are those gangs? I never heard of them. When did geographical location become gang names? You went to private school didn't you? Lol.
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By coasterbruh
They became such when you pitted them against each other with your "vs.". But don't mind me, back to your led love fest. Lol.
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By cwgator
OWA officially opened today.
With a roller coaster zooming in the background, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians' coveted Park at OWA amusement park officially opened during a media event Thursday, one day before the public is allowed into it at 10 a.m. Friday.

"From the very beginning, we believed we could create something special here for families whether they are on vacation or are here to play soccer or lacrosse," said Stephanie Bryan, the chair and CEO of the tribe. "Today, here we are to start having fun and making memories."

The 21-ride "Park at OWA," which is part of a 520-acre development in Foley next to the Beach Express, is the first major non-gaming development backed by the tribe through its Creek Indian Enterprise Development Authority.

The venue, dubbed a "family-friendly destination," is part of an initial $260 million investment that will include a host of restaurants in the nearby downtown district anchored, thus far, by a Wahlburgers restaurant. Also included in that estimate is a 150-room Marriott TownePlace Suites that opened earlier this month.

The overall property includes 16 athletic fields backed by the city of Foley as part of its push into sports tourism. In addition, a new 91,000-square-foot indoor events center which the city borrowed $15.3 million to build.
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