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By Edwardo
cwgator wrote:They actually got 3. La Ronde is adding one as well in Carnaval en Folie.

La Ronde is getting a Ferris Wheel, Tilt A Whirl, and Scrambler, not a tourbillion.
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By cwgator
Edwardo wrote:
cwgator wrote:They actually got 3. La Ronde is adding one as well in Carnaval en Folie.

La Ronde is getting a Ferris Wheel, Tilt A Whirl, and Scrambler, not a tourbillion.

I fixed that I guess at the same time you quoted me.
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By cwgator
The 7th RMC is the Skywarp (Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster @ SFDK) in which RMC is manufacturing the track for. Skyline Attractions has confirmed this on their FB in a comment when asked:
rmcskywarp.jpg (33.68 KiB) Viewed 1281 times
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By gabed
Crazy how after nearly three decades the first B&M is being scrapped, not many can make that claim.

Could they not have been relocated, even separately?
By Edwardo
Like the original Hulk, they were at end of life. It was either spend the money to fabricate new ones or scrap them. They're not salvageable.
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By cwgator
Sesame Place 2018: Oscar's Wacky Taxi
Gravity Group Wood Coaster

Sesame Place®, the nation’s only theme park based entirely on the award-winning show Sesame Street®, announced today its first wooden-steel hybrid coaster - Oscar’s Wacky TaxiTM - debuting Spring 2018. The new coaster is one of the largest new attractions in the park’s 37-year history and will feature a bright yellow, taxi cab-inspired train with everyone’s favorite grouch at the helm.

The new coaster, combining both wood and steel elements to create a smooth ride, will give pint-sized thrill-seekers and their families the opportunity to experience another exciting first at Sesame Place. Oscar’s Wacky TaxiTM will send riders soaring down an exhilarating first drop of 40 feet, traveling over 1,200 feet of track with exciting twists, turns, and plenty of airtime hills -- sure to delight even the grouchiest of riders. A 40” rider height requirement (with a supervising companion) or 46” height requirement for single riders will make this the perfect first coaster for many park guests.

Oscar’s Wacky Taxi™ will join Super Grover’s Vapor Trail® as the second roller coaster at the park. Super Grover’s Vapor Trail, which opened in 1998 as the park’s first mechanical ride, is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2018. The 14-acre park also features two popular themed lands – Elmo’s World which opened in 2006 and Cookie’s Monster Land which opened in 2014. A total of eleven dry rides, nine water attractions, five interactive play elements, the Sesame Street Neighborhood, three live daily character shows and The Neighborhood Street Party Parade bring the joy of everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends to families.

“Oscar’s Wacky Taxi™ will bring a whole new level of excitement to Sesame Place in 2018,” said Bob Caruso, park president. “We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our guest experience, and our first wooden roller coaster is an exciting and thrilling addition to the park.”


Join Oscar the Grouch for a crazy, curvy taxi ride on our first ever family-friendly wooden roller coaster.
Oscar’s Wacky Taxi™ is a one of a kind wooden roller coaster with a bright yellow, taxi cab inspired train with everyone’s favorite grouch at the helm. Our littlest thrill-seekers and their families will enjoy the exhilarating first drop, a covered tunnel and plenty of air-time!

Height Requirement: Riders must be a minimum of 40" tall to ride. Riders under 46" must ride in the same car with a supervising companion age 14 or older.
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By cwgator
^I just had a thought. SFOG will eventually get rid of Dahlonega Mine Train. A Jr GG woodie would be a great replacement for that area (with room to spare for more Bugs Bunny Boomtown).
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