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By cwgator
Darien Lake 2018: Tantrum


Tantrum riders will embark on a 98-foot vertical lift at a 90-degree angle – straight up the coaster’s first hill. In a matter of seconds, upon reaching its apex, the train plummets into a 97-degree drop and pretzel inversion. Reaching speeds of 52 mph, the coaster snakes through the structure over a bunny hop, keeps riders wondering which way is up or down during an Immelman turn, and finishes with a tilted loop.

Darien Lake unveils plans for new vertical drop roller coaster


DARIEN, N.Y. (WKBW) - We're learning more about a new roller coaster that could be coming to Darien Lake Theme Park in the summer of 2018.

Planning documents submitted to the Genesee County Planning Board show the Thunder Rapids log ride would be demolished to make space for the new coaster, which takes riders down a large vertical drop.

The coaster is still in its planning stages, and hasn't been named yet. But planning board members have been reviewing plans and will give their recommendation to the Town of Darien at the next meeting on November 9th.

The county's planning director called the new roller coaster one of the biggest investments the theme park has made recently, and the biggest roller coaster since the Ride of Steel debuted in 1999.

In documents submitted to the Planning Board, Darien Lake Holdings describes what they're calling the '2018 Potential New Ride'. While the name of it was not disclosed, park officials write that the, "size, scope and family thrill level will entice families all over the Northeast...and Canada to visit Darien Lake."

The park's general manager also explains that the new ride will improve and sustain audiences from Buffalo and Rochester, and also drive more tourism to Genesee County.

It's likely Darien Lake will have a final answer from the town on whether to move forward with the project within a month.
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By cwgator
Kentucky Kingdom is adding several new attractions & improvements for 2018:




LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Kingdom plans two new rides and two new attractions next season.

In a release, the park announced a new thrill ride called Scream Xtreme and a new family ride called Rock 'n Roller.

Two new films are being added to the 5D Cinema. The first look at the "Happy Family, The Ride" film is of an animated family complete with a Frankenstein. The second film is "Journey 2: Mysterious Island," which stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Kentucky Kingdom also plans to do extensive track work on the park's classic wooden coaster, "Thunder Run." Other upgrades for the park include new cabanas near the giant wave pool, more shade structures and new seating throughout the park.

President and CEO Ed Hart said in a release that the park had a record 2017 season drawing more than 9,000 visitors a day during the summer peak. More than 30 percent of those guests came from surrounding states.

Hart said when he and his partners, Ed Glasscock, Bruce Lunsford, and the Al J. Schneider Company, reopened the park in 2014 it had a total of 27 theme and water park rides. After an investment of $70 million, the park now has 70 rides and attractions.

Season passes for 2018 go on sale on the Kentucky Kingdom website on Friday, Nov. 3 for $69.95. Season passes include unlimited admission, free parking, $1 soft drinks and discounted food and merchandise. Free tubes for the water park and free sunscreen are offered to all Kentucky Kingdom guests. Additional discounts are included in the early bird season passes. Details can be found on the park website.

I'm excited about the Zamperla Endeavor (Xtreme Scream) since I'll be going there next year and hadn't been on one. The improvements to Thunder Run will hopefully make the ride pleasurable for my first time on it.
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By gabed
Whatever happened to that new coaster that Kentucky Kingdom was rumored to get?
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By cwgator
Dollywood 2018 :

PIGEON FORGE — Dolly Parton came to Dollywood on Friday and revealed a host of new entertainment experiences and a new venue coming to the theme park in 2018.

An investment that's "$1 million greater than any season-long entertainment schedule in the park’s history" will fund these new additions to the park, according to a Dollywood press release.

The venue, the Plaza at Wilderness Pass, will occupy the spot where the park's River Battle Ride was and sit in between roller coasters Mystery Mine and FireChaser Express.



The venue will house different events that correlate with the park's many festivals, according to Dollywood Public Relations Manager Wes Ramey.

"So what will happen is throughout the year we'll be able to take the programming for each of the festivals and theme that area so that guests have an immersive experience they can sit down, take a break and just enjoy the atmosphere for whatever festival we're in," said Ramey.

In addition to the venue, several musicians and entertainers will make the trip to Pigeon Forge in 2018 to perform at the park. A new three-week-long festival, the Spring Mix music series, will take place from April 11-29 and feature a week of classic country music, a week of inspirational music and a week of classic rock and folk music.

The event will have performances from Pam Tillis, Connie Smith, Shenandoah, Amy Grant, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Larnelle Harris, David Phelps, Chonda Pierce, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Drifters, Debby, Firefall, Al Stewart and others. Individual concert dates and show times will be announced later, according to the press release.

Dollywood’s Rock the Smokies event on Aug. 25 will feature Christian music artists TobyMac and Crowder serving as headliners.

"Well it's good 'cause a lot of them are the oldies from my time and a lot of them I know personally ... but I think that it's good," said Parton. "It gives people a variety, too. We have, of course, our country week, our inspirational groups that come in and Amy Grant and a lot of people ... the young Christian singers, and I think that's wonderful, so we've got a variety, and we've had our bluegrass and gospel music through the years every fall, so I love the whole idea. The more music the better for me."

Other new additions include adding another week to the park's Barbecue and Bluegrass event in the summer (May 25-June 10), an expansion of the park's Great Pumpkin LumiNights in the fall and new summer entertainment from DRUMline Live!, which was inspired by the 2002 movie "Drumline," and "America's Got Talent's" iLuminate, who combine dance moves and glow-in-the-dark costumes.

Parton did her part in brainstorming the new entertainment options. She and others on the Dollywood team meet throughout the year and talk about what they plan for the park.

"I am involved in all of it, but we have people that are smarter than us like I've always said ... 'Nobody can do everything.' But they listen to me openly, and I listen to them. We always go out to find the best people. You know smart people always find people that are smarter than them to do the real work," she said.

gabed wrote:Whatever happened to that new coaster that Kentucky Kingdom was rumored to get?

It was a rumor...lol
watched the video and i didn't get any shade. Just SF pulling their usual tactics of exaggerating clams like its obvious this is gonna be taller by a few feet if they measure from underwater to the top and its longer due to more storage track.
SFOG just announced that the Great American Scram Machine will run BACKWARDS starting March 10th for a limited time!!!! The British section where Twisted Cyclone and Johnny Rockets is will be the Coastal section and the French section where Macho Nacho is will be the Piedmont section now.
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