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By Jwrickner
Has anyone noticed the new QT across the street from the park entrance? I work for QT and hope to get this store.. going to be a busy one..
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By FamousAmos
I might work at that one when the park is closed this coming off season. Since it's within walking distance of the campground. I've heard it's a nice place to work.
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By Jwrickner
Very nice..wonderful benefits, great pay. We have been on Fortunes top 100 companies for 15 years now..also this store will have crazy profits..clerks there will make bigger bonus paychecks than i am now as a second assistant, and I raked in almost 60,000 last year.
By RollerBee
I usually stop at the Circle K after the park closes for the night, I believe atleast when Carowinds is open they are always busy. So the more gas stations the better.
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By pproteinc
Yea I noticed when they broke ground and erected the QT coming soon sign. I'm overly hyped. I'm a slushy freak and they hot food is wonderful.

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