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Just read through Kings Dominion’s blog on their site. They’ve spoke about the new pavers they’ve placed from the Ferris wheel all the way to Twisted Timbers and around the skycoaster and windseeker. That’s a huge asphalt overhaul if you ask me. I think the last time they did that was with the PS expansion in 2013. Oh they also talk about Ricoc errr Apple Zapple’s new paint job. Apple Zapple? Really? We couldn’t brainstorm harder? I’d rather Crazy Apple or Apple Twist if they wanted Apple in the game that bad before using Apple Zapple. Rebel Yell is also being renamed Racer75 smh, the Rock Shop is now Twist and Shop. This is where the TT merchandise will be located for sale. Lastly the Dinner Bell restaurant will now be the Mac Bowl, where you can make your own gourmet mac n cheese.

https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/big- ... pple-grove

Also looks like SixFlags Magic Mountain are trying out new storage pouches on Twisted Colossus. Good for phones but obviously not for people with bags.

Photo cred: Jarrett B.

Honestly I completely understand the name change. Having an attraction named "Rebel Yell" in what's basically the heart of the old Confederacy isn't exactly a good look. "Racer 75" isn't a fantastic name, but it'll work.

The retheme of that area is really cool. Makes me wish our old Wayne's World section got the same treatment when Fury arrived.

Storage pouches are a great idea, as long as they're relatively small items I don't see why a locker would be required.
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By gabed
“Okay we need to come up with a name for Ricochet that fits into the apple orchard theme”



“APPLE... uhh... ZAPPLE”

“Now there’s an idea!”
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By cwgator
^Yep. I shared a similar post on Sep 5th

cwgator wrote:CGA has an FAA filing for a ride structure of 240 feet tall to be constructed between Sept 2018-April 2019.

The coordinates show the location to be by the Peanut's Pirates.
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By gabed
I’m betting Starflyer in 2019 with Waterpark expansion in 2020. Wouldn’t make sense to do Patriot, Railblazer, and the hyper back to back.
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By gabed
First saw this and just about pissed myself, but now thinking it may be something along the lines of Fireman’s Landing at SDC
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