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By Chris
Six Flags has always flown six actual flags at their parks. The flags represented were the U.S., France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, and the Confederacy. They have announced they will replace all the flags with six American flags. I hate to see the other flags go but the Confederate flag should have been removed years ago.

http://www.wfmynews2.com/news/entertain ... /465397701

I'd wager 99% of people didn't know what the origin of the name was anyway. It's long since gone out the window with all the other Six Flags parks. Pretty easy decision for Six Flags to remove something that for many people is a symbol of hate and division that greets them at the entrance.

Though it should probably also be noted that it was the Confederate national flag that was flown, not the more controversial and recognizable Confederate battle flag. It wasn't quite the same as South Carolina flying the battle flag over the damn capitol.

It's kind of crazy to me that it took until now for this to happen.
I would have preferred if these parks replaced the CSA flag with another flag, not replaced all of the flags. The USA flag from the year the state the park is in was added to the union would have been a great choice, for example, and the park would still have 6 different flags.

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