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By coasterbruh
I know, I know . . . the park has SCarowinds but I wanna shine to light onto what I think is the nation's best halloween event. I have been going since 2004 and have witness it grow and transform into the monster of event it is now. What started out as an original content halloween event (with unofficial usage of recognizable horror content) has turned into an IP heavy conglomerate. With houses based on hits like Insidious, The Walking Dead, The Purge and classics like The Shining, American Werewolf in London, and Halloween, the event manages to still throw in their original content and create environments and experiences that supersedes all. Here's an overview video . . .

So . . . I'm gonna use this thread to keep us abreast on the latest info and news for the Orlando's event as that is the one closest to us. So its already 2018 and spring so that means info is starting to release! today they announced the first house . . . Stranger Things! In a move that is not-so-shocking, this is the first IP and one of the ones the fans really wanted. I, personally, have not seen one episode but I have faith Universal will pull it off.

Now, the question begs me . . . will they announce IT and have an encompassing them of kid horror? After all, one year the icon was to be a little girl named Cindy. Also, right now (for a limited time) they have two night tickets for sunday - friday for 77.99.
Come any one event night and get another night free (both nights must be Sunday-Friday).


It’s the best way to experience the World’s Premier Halloween Event. Come any one event night and get another night free (both nights must be Sunday-Friday).

Online offer only - select mobile delivery at checkout so you can print your tickets and go straight to the front gate. Limited time offer. Advance purchase required.

Valid any two of the following nights:
14, 16, 20, 21, 23, 28, 30
3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 21, 24, 25, 26, 28, 31
1, 2

So lets discuss, speculate, plan trips and get excited for Halloween Horror Nights!
My oh my! So much as been announced so let's just get right to it!

Dead Exposure! This is a continuation of a clever idea they had some years back. Basically flashes of light reveals the "monsters" as you went through this house. Well, its back . . . .


I’m excited to reveal the second haunted house coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2018. This fall, fear will infect you in a brand new haunted house that lives within a world of a fan-favorite from our past: Dead Exposure: Patient Zero.
The original Dead Exposure haunted house shook guests to their core. Easily one of the most terrifying haunted houses we’ve ever had—you entered complete darkness with only bright flashes revealing the zombie horde surrounding you.

We’re bringing back that same terror. But this time, we’re dropping you in the middle of Paris in 1982. The city of lights has gone dark as chaos spreads, unchecked. Hordes of vicious, flesh-eating undead are swarming the streets.
The military is forcing those not affected into quarantine and a vaccination is being given. It’s the only chance to ward off the sickness but there are major side effects… blindness.

You’ll be lost in the darkness as the undead hunt you. An attack can come from anywhere. You don’t have to remember the original haunted house, to understand this single truth: They will find you.

This is our first original haunted house announced for this year’s event. We’ve got even more haunted houses and scare zones to announce for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. This year’s event will take place on select nights Sept. 14 through Nov. 3.

THEN, after that, Trick 'R Treat was announced! Last year they were FINALLY able to secure this property and use it as a "scarezone". That's basically an outdoor haunt that people traverse through. It was so well done last year and did a great job if representing the movie that they decided to bring it back this year as a full fleshed out house!


Take out your pen and paper and take notes, the rules of Halloween are returning this fall to Universal Studios Florida. Sam is back and making sure we all celebrate the holiday right in a new Trick ‘r Treat haunted house at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Last year was the first time Sam and his fellow trick-or-treaters came to Halloween Horror Nights in a terrifying scare zone. You, our fans, loved it, we loved it, and we all wanted more. It was an easy decision to partner with Legendary Pictures and writer-director Michael Dougherty again and bring back Trick ‘r Treat in an all-new experience.
We’re throwing you head first into the world of this cult Halloween film, and putting you in the middle of all the grisly scenes and demented characters. These guardians of Halloween will teach you the traditions of the holiday as you find out first hand the consequences of breaking those rules. With monsters around every turn, you need to pay attention…or suffer the ultimate fate.

And then there’s Sam who keeps a watchful eye over it all. He’s the keeper of the rules and the spirit of Halloween. He may look cute on the outside but you don’t want to get on his bad side… or the receiving end of his lollipop.
Trick ‘r Treat is the third haunted house in our line-up we’ve announced for Halloween Horror Nights. Stay tuned for the remaining six haunted houses and the gruesome details on the scare zones. You’re in for a bloody good time when it all starts Sept. 14 and runs select nights through Nov. 3.

Next up was an announcement of some of the "scarezones" and an announcement confirming a 10th house. If any of you follow HHN, you would know that last year was the final year for Bill & Ted's halloween show at the park. That left a huge void in the line up as it was definitely a crowd eater. Lets hope the additional house will make up for it.


The world’s premier Halloween event is getting even scarier. For the first time in 28 years, you’ll experience more haunted houses than ever at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. A 10th haunted house is joining the lineup with a terrifying theme that will be revealed in the coming months.
Horrors inspired by the ‘80s will invade this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. The past will haunt you in 10 haunted houses featuring the biggest names in horror – including Netflix’s sci-fi thriller “Stranger Things” and Legendary Pictures’ Halloween classic “Trick ‘r Treat” – and five sinister scare zones. When it comes to scare zones, you’ll come face-to-face with menacing creatures and unearthly forces throughout the streets of Universal Studios Florida. Here are the three original horror stories you’ll see brought to life in the scare zones:
The Harvest

An old barn is the setting of every kind of horror. Its walls are decorated with ominous objects and images from each haunted house, hinting at the horrors to come. This barn is not as abandoned as it initially seems, and by the time you realize what lies within, it will be too late. Foul creatures lurk within, ready for a harvest of flesh and screams. Will you survive the reaping?

Vamp 85: New Year’s Eve

Before the countdown to midnight has started, it’s clear this party has already been crashed, and the streets are running red with blood. You’ll enter what looks to be your typical New Year’s Eve bash until it’s too late. As the ball drops, fanged punks and big-haired vamps will start their feeding frenzy.

Twisted Tradition

Travel through the forest of Central Park where an ancient evil has been awakened. Halloween has been transformed into an abomination with rotting pumpkins fused with decaying human flesh. Try and escape the grasps of these fetid beings, with nothing but the light from rotting jack o’ lanterns to guide you.

And there’s still more to be revealed…stay tuned to the blog for more details on the remaining scare zones and haunted houses.

Plus, the powerhouse dance crew, Academy of Villains, is returning for their third consecutive year. This year’s performance will be taken to the next level with an all-new show jam packed with mind-bending entertainment. Stay tuned for more details.

You can experience all of the scares and more for 34 select nights starting Sept. 14 – Nov. 3. All tickets and vacation packages are on-sale now, and there are plenty of options to fit your horror-filled needs. You can also maximize your visit with the Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass, which let’s you skip the regular line once per haunted house and participating rides and attractions.

Want to save up to $52 on a ticket? You can do that when you purchase a Halloween Horror Nights Single Night Ticket online. Save that extra cash for some scary souvenirs to take home.

And if you’re up to making it a “scarecation” (see what I did there), you can choose from multiple vacation packages that give you access to the event and Universal Orlando’s three theme parks and accommodations at one of Universal’s on-site hotels, including the new Universal’s Aventura Hotel.

Ten haunted houses. Five scare zones. One powerhouse show. What are you waiting for?

Next came another original house. As of lately, HHN has been a strong mix of IP (intellectual property) and original houses. The IP's drive people to the gate and the originals wow them lol. Slaughter Sinema is done in the fashion of a series of house they have done in the pass, All night Die-in, where you actually walk into the movie and live the horror. This is the first time they are using all original content for this style of house.


We’re taking 80s B-movie monsters and creatures and putting them into one frightening experience—Slaughter Sinema. This new haunted house joins the line-up of original storylines you’ll brave at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 28.

It’s showtime at the local drive-in. As you approach, you’ll see movie trailers of what you’re about to witness, filling you with dread as you make your way inside. The smell of popcorn will be first to hit your senses as you find yourself in a movie theater snack bar. But from there, it’s all downhill for this double-feature.
In one film, you’ll be hunted by werewolf bikers. In another, you’ll come across a bloody, gut-strewn pumpkin patch. And did I mention deadly barbers?

You’ll find yourself screaming through this sinister sinema as you try to avoid becoming the snack of alien cannibals, creatures with tons of teeth and a ravenous swamp yeti. Yes, you read that right.

Here are a few movie posters of the fearsome flicks you’ll see.
This year’s event is going to be intense with more haunted houses than ever, terrifying scare zones and a powerhouse show. It’s time to get your tickets or book a vacation package and start dreaming of the nightmares that await you this fall from Sept. 14 – Nov. 3.

Finally all the scare zones were announced and they definitely save the best for last! Nothing says 80's like these two classics!


This fall, the world’s most deadliest doll and hungry Killer Klowns from Outer Space will invade Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. Get ready for two new scare zones.

First up—Chucky is back! After 30 years of mayhem, he’s creating chaos in the streets during a toy fair that’s turned lethal in the Revenge of Chucky scare zone. At this festival of toys, Chucky has twisted these playthings into new nightmares. Chucky himself rules this zone as he commands his minions to carve up some horror. This scare zone will be a tortuous delight to behold as he dishes out some revenge personally.
The horror and fun keeps coming as we bring to you Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures’ cult classic, sci-fi horror film Killer Klowns from Outer Space. As you enter the domain of these Killer Klowns, the smell of cotton candy hides the fact that this is all trick and no treat. This sweet candy is spun from human victims grotesquely cocooned inside giant pods of cotton candy. Try and escape the Killer Klowns or you’ll face the wrath of their cotton candy rayguns that turn you into a tasty cotton candy snack.
Earlier this month, we revealed three scare zones with their very own haunting stories. These original Scare Zones were Vamp 85: New Year’s Eve, Twisted Traditions and The Harvest. Click here for details.

The nightmares and frights inspired from 1980’s horror films are taking over this year’s event. You’ll face your greatest fears of the past in 10 houses featuring the biggest names in horror like Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and Legendary Pictures’ “Trick ‘r Treat”. Brave five spine-chilling scare zones with hordes of menacing creatures. And watch the powerhouse dance crew, Academy of Villains, kill it with a new show packed with twisted entertainment.

Catch up on all the gruesome details for Halloween Horror Nights and get your tickets now. You’ve got 34 nights to choose from between Sept. 14 – Nov. 3. We’re inching closer and closer to our favorite time of year!

So, that's all for now. There still is 6 more houses to be revealed so stay tuned!

You can also check out Official HHN site HERE to check out the ticket options and vacation packages!

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