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By Edwardo
Ride is closed until further notice. No injuries but apparently two trains bumped into each other in the station.
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By arby
They gave everyone a single day meal pass and a Fast Lane pass.

Two thumbs up to Cedar Point. I'm happy nobody was injured.
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By cwgator
It reopened that night as well with one train. Also Sunday they were running one train and using a boarding pass system with return times.
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By cwgator
It's CoasterMania! at Cedar Point! Just in time they are able to have 2 train operations once again. They closed SV at 5pm on Wednesday for testing, and did not open yesterday for continued testing. It opened this morning for the event at 7 and seems to be doing just fine. One complaint I keep seeing however is the activation/adjustments to the MCBR. It appears to be slowing the trains down a good bit compared to before. Of course since I hadn't ridden it yet, I'll leave that judgement when it's fair to do so. Still looks amazing either way.

Anyways looks promising that there will be at least 2 running when I'm there in 10 days unless further issues arise. I cant wait!!!
By Edwardo
I’ve seen video of the midcourse, which wasn’t so much activated as that’s the way the ride was designed to function in hotter weather, much like the B&M trims tgatvrarely hit in the cold.

The videos make it seem so drastic. I can tell you from experience and having talked to friends in Ohio that that is not the case. The entire second half is so low to the ground that it really doesn’t affect the ride at all. It was trimmed last weekend in the MCBR for both of our nite rides and it made no difference. Because the ride is the best thing I’ve ever ridden.
By Panthersfan43
A little off topic but did anyone else see this http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201808100046
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