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By aoriole19
I'm taking a high-level look at my calendar through the next 2 years and trying to plan some trips! I recently took a weekend trip to Salt Lake City for Lagoon, and really enjoyed it, and I want to see more cities/states I haven't seen and ideally get some parks out of it. That being said, what parks do you guys think are must-visits? And which cities (especially non-east-coast) are your favorites to visit?

Below is a list of all the parks I've either already visited, or plan to have visited by the end of 2020. I'm not opposed to going back to any of them, especially if there are other parks within a couple hours and/or if the city they're in is really cool. But I'm mostly looking for new parks.

Parks I've been to:
Busch Gardens Williamsburg (2018?)
Carowinds (every year)
Cedar Point (2013, 2019?)
Dollywood (2016)
Dorney Park (2013)
Dutch Wonderland (2020)
Hersheypark (2020)
Holiday World (2017)
King's Dominion (2013, 2018?)
King's Island (2013, 2019?)
Knoebels (2020)
Knott's Berry Farm (2019)
Lagoon (2018)
Lake Compounce (2018)
SeaWorld Orlando (2010)
Six Flags America (2015)
Six Flags Fiesta Texas (2016)
Six Flags Great Adventure (many years)
Six Flags Great America (2019?)
Six Flags Magic Mountain (2019)
Six Flags New England (2015-2018, my new home park!)
Six Flags Over Georgia (2015)
Six Flags Over Texas (2016)
Six Flags St. Louis (2016)

Others should feel free to jump in on this and share which parks they've been to if they're also looking for suggestions!
By Panthersfan43
I would go to Kentucky kingdom,holiday world,kings island cedar point and six flags great America on one trip
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By aoriole19
Panthersfan43 wrote:I would go to Kentucky kingdom,holiday world,kings island cedar point and six flags great America on one trip

That might be a hard sell to my friends (I don't drive) but some of them are also into roller coasters so to be honest, a theme park road trip isn't out of the question. I'd like to visit Kentucky Kingdom, and want to do Holiday World again for sure.

Chris wrote:Do Canada's Wonderland, Darien Lake, Great Escape, etc.

Would actually love to do CW, I'm gonna add that pretty high onto my list. Darien Lake and Great Escape would be cool if I get the chance.
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By cwgator
Busch Gardens Tampa is well worth a trip. I'm not just saying that because it's one of my home parks. Also since it's been a while since you went to SeaWorld Orlando, another trip may be worth it....especially with Mako. They do have 2 park ticket deals, especially BOGO offers on Black Friday (which they call Blue Friday). While in the area you could also visit the Fun Spot America parks in Orlando & Kissimmee...both worth a few hours each at least and could be done on the same day.

Kentucky Kingdom is also worth a brief stop while going to Cedar Point & Kings Island. It's only about an hour and a half from KI. Storm Chaser is awesome, as is Lightning Run. I only needed a few hours there, even on a Saturday for the coasters. Almost everything was a wall-on on the dry side.

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