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By formeryogi
A Kings Island Coaster Will Soon ‘Rest In Pieces’
Final Rides Begin this Friday at Halloween Haunt

On Monday Kings Island confirmed that rumors surfacing over opening weekend of Halloween Haunt were true- a ride was leaving, and it would be one of the park’s 16 roller coasters. The coaster leaving is Firehawk, a steel roller coaster located in the Coney Mall area of the park. While still popular with many guests, park officials state the ride has simply reached the end of its service life.

Final rides will begin this weekend, with its last days of operation occurring the final weekend of Halloween Haunt and The Great Pumpkin Fest, 10/26 – 10/28. Kings Island opens at 6:00 p.m. on Friday for Halloween Haunt. The best way to experience Firehawk’s final flights is to purchase a 2019 Gold Season Pass, which also includes unlimited visits to the park this year during Halloween Haunt, The Great Pumpkin Fest and WinterFest, plus all of 2019.

Chad Showalter
Director, Communications | Kings Island
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By mdsmith98
That’s kind of disappointing. I actually really liked this ride on my visit back in summer, it is everything Nighthawk wishes it was. The only advantage Nighthawk had was being over the water.

I’ve heard rumors that Vekoma isn’t making parts for it anymore, or parts are getting too expensive. If firehawk is getting scrapped, and not sent to another park (People have rumored it’s going to KK, but I don’t believe that) I assume cedar fair will use it for spare parts for nighthawk. The whole thing about vekoma not supplying parts or it being too expensive is interesting. If this is true, it makes me curious what nighthawk’s future will be.
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By KIJester
In the quote above, it states "park officials state the ride has simply reached the end of its service life."

If that is indeed true, thats roughly 11 years for Firehawk and Nighthawk is now going on 14 years, so seems like the demise of Nighthawk is 3 years overdue.
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By Jay
Don't forget that both were relocated. Nighthawk has been in operation for 19 seasons, going back to Stealth at Great America in 2000, and Firehawk has been in operation for 18 seasons going back to X-Flight at Geauga Lake in 2001.

Does seem odd that Nighthawk isn't at the end of it's service life yet.. hopefully it comes soon.
By Techedchart1551
Do I care? yes. Do I REALLY care? no.
Firehawk was your traditional Vekoma Flying dutchman.
It didn't exactly DO much at the park, it was mostly filler. It was one of the better (Old) vekomas, especially compared to that of nighthawk and the vekoma slc. I hope a Giga will use that land (2020) or hopefully something not-a-B&M-Dive will. RIP firehawk, some people will miss you, some will not.

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