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By tarheel1231
Ngl, your singing could use a bit of work. You have a nice voice, but it seemed you were missing some of the notes.

Otherwise, good performance, and props to putting yourself out there. Lord knows I couldn’t get up and perform with my anxiety.
By CCookieMonster
Thanks, y'all. My friends told me I sounded much better live than in the recording. I talked to my voice teacher and she told me I should've sung closer to the mic and felt a little bit more confident with the higher notes (especially in Finesse). The main reason I skipped the high note was because I forgot to breathe and wasn't completely confident since I had much less time to warm up than I expected.

For U Got It Bad I forgot the words to one part :lol:, but the crowd was really, excited and had fun, so I feel good about it. I should get to perform for them this week so I'll keep y'all posted if so.

Thanks for the feedback, and your comment didn't offend me one bit tarheel. I appreciate the honesty.

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