Everything else goes here, including discussion of parks outside of Carowinds and any off-topic discussion
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By montumax
I think you're right Jay! Its all downhill...

Thanks for the birthday wishes y'all.

By coasterdude89
Happy Birthday Everyone! :D
By coasterdude89
Thanks. I don't get my liscense till thursday...so you will be ok till then! lol.
By RollerBee
Well, we better stay off the sidewalks.
By dukefanswimmer89
happy b-day to all those in august...
happy b-day to coasterdude89

i wonder if anyone's birthday is on C3...??

now that would be a great birthday present....
By Cephas
^My dad's B-day is the same as C3 this year. For his present, he dosn't have to see me all day... ;)
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By bgwfreak
Happy belated to Max. Sorry I was out of the country at the time. lol

Unfortunatley I couldn't find any coasters to ride in Mexico. lol
By dukefanswimmer89
Today is 'CarowindsThrills' birthday...

happy b-day!!!
By coasterdude89
Happy Birthday!
By coasterdude89
Foreseer....good news (or bad for you) I got my license so watch out. lol....
By dukefanswimmer89
happy birthday to 'sadie' today

they haven't posted yet, so don't know how often they're on this board...but happy birthday anyways!!!!!
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By coasterbruh
ummm...lets reserve the birthday thread to active posters...

Jarvis "moderator for 26 seconds..." Morant! :P
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