Everything else goes here, including discussion of parks outside of Carowinds and any off-topic discussion
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By coasterbruh
Happy B day jon in 365 1/4 days you can have a cold one!!
By coasterdude89
Happy B-day!
By chargercrazy
Happy Birthday! Go celebrate by going to the game tomorrow night and pull for the PACK!
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By bgwfreak
Happy birthday Jonathan!

Hope you have a good one. B)
By dukefanswimmer89
coasterbruh wrote: ummm...lets reserve the birthday thread to active posters...

Jarvis "moderator for 26 seconds..." Morant! :P

i think he qualifies :lol:

happy b-day!
By carowindsfreak13
Happy B-day. Jon
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By coasterbruh
My buddy RollerNut turns 18 today... Happy Birthday Roller!
By RollerBee
Yo, the troll can hear you.
By Trev32
happy kinda-late b-day!
By RollerBee
It wasn't all that happy. Let's see, the mailman didn't work on my birthday so I didn't get my birthday cards until the day after, a hurricane came to visit me, the hurricane didn't get close enough for us to go home, I did get to come yesterday(16th), got a printer and a credit card, and my little sister being a brat to me.
By coasterdude89
Happy Belated B-day RollerNut. Happy B-day Trev (another teen) and happy 32nd b-day to angetup!!!

Hope their great!
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