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By coasterbruh
Happy birthday foreseer!

With all the money in the birthday club we got you this...

couldnt narrow it down so you have your choices... :lol:
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By montumax
Totally speechless. I was gonna make a speedo crack (no pun intended after seeing that photo) involving Foreseer...but now, I'll just say

Happy Birthday Mark.

You think they've got them on backwards?
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By coasterdave
Just going to wish you a Happy Birthday Mark. No pics included.
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By bgwfreak
Happy birthday Mark.

My eyes are still burning from that pic. :o <_<
By CoasterChris
Happy Birthday! The middle one has a nice butt.
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By Jonathan
Happy birthday Mark
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By MarkD
OMG!! I want that one in the blue. It appears to have a bit more control on the love handles. :P

Thanks all.

Dang, that pic is just too funny. :D
By coasterdude89
Happy b-day!
By dukefanswimmer89
happy birthday foreseer....
By dukefanswimmer89
sorry for the doublepost but i just noticed someone had a birthday today...

happy birthday coasterfanatic!
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By bgwfreak
Happy birthday Dave! Have a good day dude. And just because it's your birthday Carowinds is going to let you ride Dora's train today in the rain. lol
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By Jonathan
Happy birthday Dave. What are you now; 80? 90?
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By montumax
Happy Birthday Dave.

(Here's hoping that this post will push over to the next day. Its a weird feeling whenever that pic loads at the top.)
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