Share thoughts, photos, and reviews from visits to Carowinds or any other amusement park
By Panthersfan43
This was my first time at either park

Kings island
Dimondback despite the vibration I still think is the best B&M hyper because of more hills after the mid course break run
Mystic timbers my first cgi but wow what a great ride good ejector airtime
Banshee less intense but more fun then afterburn the best invert
The beast a little rough but not very bad very long and that is a good thing
Flight of fear meh nothing to special a lot of force less turns in the middle of the ride
Vortex ouch very rough headbanging galore.i respect what arrow did but this is not the best arrow looper
The racer nice ride solid airtime I would not complain if it got rmced.
The bat a lot beter than I thought I liked the swinging
Backlot stunt coaster fun family coaster with a good launch and good theming
Monster I enjoyed the drops
Log flume you get really wet in the front you hit the sides before the drop
Dilerum my first frisbee ride fun good views on the highest swing
Cedar point
Steel vengeance I had read and heard reviews I was very excited but a little woried I had overhyped the lives up to the hype the airtime is crazy and the second half is incredible by far the best ride I have bean on

Maverick so intense good restraints really good airtime and the stangle dive are fun

Top thril dragster launch is great but it is really short ride

mileinum force fun but not intense I would give the edge to fury

Valravn good ride,vest restraints take away from the ride love that role at the end

Raptor intense but I prefer afterburn because of the snappy transition into the brakes.

Gatekeeper my first wing coaster the near miss was fantastic and the wing over drop had some good hangtime but the ride was forceless

Rougarou the floorless thing felt like a gimmick but the ride was good and smooth

Wicked twister great view of the lake I would recommend siting in the back

Gemini hidden gem smooth as glass the racing is a cool idea

Magnumxl 200 underrated not painful at all great airtime

Blue streak nice airtime smooth for a Woden coaster

Power tower beter than drop towerat carowinds I love the wating for the drop

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